Slot Machine Strategy

Most people who play slots believe they have their own secret strategy. Some people who play slots at land-based casinos bring along a lucky token and place it next to the machine. Others say they "get a feeling" that one slot machine will hit sooner rather than later. For slot enthusiasts who use play online, they too may have their own slot machine strategy.

Because online casinos pay a higher percentage than land-based casinos, the odds of winning (whether you have a slot machine strategy or not) is greater. However, in an effort to offer you some tips on winning more often, here are our slot machine strategies that may help you achieve your goals.

1. Look for the online casino that offers the highest payout percentage; around 97%.

2. Read the paytable before you play the slot game. This is important because every slot game is different. Look for wilds, scatters, two bonus games (one including free spins) and other rewards featured in the game.

3. Set a limit as to how much you want to play on any given day.

4. If you find the slot machine isn't paying out after wagering a specific sum of money, move on to another slot game.

5. The rule of thumb for slot players is to always bet the maximum, that is, if you are playing a multi-line slot game - bet on every line.

6. Practice playing slot games at our featured casinos. Get a feel for the game, read the paytable, and if you are not happy with it, go on to the next slot game.

7. Penny slots are very popular today. You can make a nice little sum by starting off with penny slots. There is no rule that says you have to bet $100 a spin! Just find a slot machine you like and have fun!

8. Don't stress over any slot game. If you're winning, take a break. If you're not; take a longer break.

9. Once you have accumulated your winnings, remember to cash out!

10. Join our featured casino, Silver Oak Casino, and take advantage of the welcome bonus. Think of it this way, you can receive a $10,000 welcome bonus on first 10 deposits. That money can go a long way as you begin to search for that special slot machine to call your own!