Classic Slots

Men in tuxedos. Women in cocktail dresses. Jackpot bells ring through the smoke above your head. Ol’ Blue Eyes’ satin voice serenades you from the Main Stage and the waitress brings you an ice-cold, Vodka Martini: shaken not stirred.

There is a place were the Casinos are still Royale and you can play slots the way they were meant to be played and without leaving your living room. The Classic Vegas Romance is alive and waiting for you online in Classic Slots like Bonkers Slots.

Bonkers SlotsIt is the simplicity and traditional design of the Classic Slots that gamers like you enjoy. While Video Slots become more and more like Video Games, Classic Slots maintain that uncomplicated, original flare that drew you to slots in the first place. Very few Video Slots these days have just 3 reels, while in Classic slots you still have a choice. Bonkers Slots has 3 reels while some others are more complicated with 5 reels. And like many Classic Slots, Bonkers Slots’s graphics that take you back to that Old Vegas, pull-lever, casino-style machine with classic designs and symbols. The newer games can have as many as 40 different paylines, but Bonkers Slots has only one, just like the slots they played in Sinatra’s day.

On The House

Simple doesn’t mean boring. In Classic Vegas, the House was all about the customer. Complimentary Drinks. And Classic Slots like Bonkers Slots have complimentary re-spins to keep your adrenaline pumping. In Bonkers Slots, you win your Free Spins when you hit Bonkers symbols on the payline. When you hit 2 Bonkers Symbols, you win 3 free, guaranteed winning, Free Spins. Hit 3 Bonkers Symbols and you win 10 Free Spins. Your Free Spins appear in the top, right-hand side of the game.

Believable Play

With Classic Slots, it’s like you’re really in the Casino. A fun feature of Bonkers Slots is that you are able to insert your coins at the start of each spin. When you want to change your coin values, it will feel as if you are in fact changing to the next slot machine. The real feel is a kick, but don't change coins during your Free Spins. It would be as though you left your machine and Free Spins to the next costumer in the Casino. You have lots of choice in coin value, but with Casino-realism. No phony $2 bills here. Your coin value choices are denominations of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1, and $5. Classic Slots are designed to support the Classic Vegas feel. So turn on Sinatra, mix yourself a cocktail and play a Classic Slot like Bonkers Slots. You can even slip into your best threads. Classic Vegas isn’t a black and white movie dream, but a living fantasy at your fingertips.