Video Poker Slots

If you like playing poker with your pals or at land based casinos, you're going to LOVE playing video poker slots at US friendly online casinos. Imagine enjoying your favorite table casino game from the comfort of your own living room, via your personal computer.

What Are Video Poker Slots?

Video poker slots are games which combine both slots and poker together into one fun-filled online casino game. Instead of trying to get matches, the point of the slot is to line up poker hands.

Types of Video Poker Slots

  • Jacks Or Better Poker Slots : This poker slot version combines both Jacks or Better Video poker and slots. It typically gives three poker hands to not only attempt to use for great poker hands but also to line up on the slot for slot wins.

  • Bonus Poker Slots: This video poker slot version is very much like the Jacks Or Better video poker slots but it gives a higher payout for four card combos.
  • Deuces Wild Poker Slots: This video poker slot game makes deuces wild and allows them to be substituted for other cards, while adding the lining-up aspect needed for slots.
  • Amazing Ace Poker Slots: In this poker slot variant, Aces double the value of the hand, making wins more generous.
  • Super Aces Deuces Wild: This fun poker slot game combines both Super Aces video poker and Deuces Wild video poker with slot features.
  • Super Aces Poker Slots: Super Aces is similar to Jacks Or Better poker slots but it gives bonus payout amounts for 4 Ace combos.
  • Super Aces Double Bonus Poker Slots: Combining Super Aces and Double Bonus poker slots, this slot gives players ultimate chances to win big!

Where To Play Video Poker Slots

Bovada Casino is a premier place to not only play video poker slots but also poker cash games, sit and go poker games, multi table poker tournaments and much more. Bovada Casino happily welcomes US players and offers generous sign up bonuses for new players.

The Liberty Slots Casino $100 new player bonus opportunity and set of WGT (former VT) games are great reasons for players to try their hand at this thrilling casino. The casino offers over 20 variants of online poker and loads of exciting slots. Liberty Slots Casino welcomes US players