Online Casinos Slot Machines

With literally thousands of online casinos available today, not all are equal. Yes, some may offer incredible welcome bonuses and promotions; a portfolio of games unparalleled in the online gaming world; payment methods that enable players from all over the world to access the games; and support services that far surpass their counterparts. But the true test of finding the best online casinos to play slots for real money is based on performance, safety, security, payout percentage, game play, and how best the casino facilitates all of these important components. While you can probably name what you consider the top online casinos on one hand, we have taken great pains to provide the ten best online casinos to play slots for real money. Over the last several years, many new casinos for US players have emerged that have become overnight sensations. Although this doesn’t happen very often, it is a remarkable feat. We do the legwork for you so that you don’t have to search high and low for the best casino that meets your needs. We know these casinos inside and out, and we take great pride in presenting all they have to offer. Moreover, many of our casinos are flash casinos meaning that you can test the slot games offered and then move on to play for real money. The move from practice play to real money is an easy one, and our casinos make it an easy and safe transition. In addition, many of our best online casinos to play slots for real money are well-established, experienced, and meet even our highest expectations. Thus, when you join our casinos you can count on the fact that you are playing your favorite slot games at the best of the best. Regardless of whether you prefer 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, or progressive slots – you can be assured that our casinos offer the best bonuses, promotions, tournaments, payment methods, and support services.

3 Reel Slots

The benefit of playing 3 Reel Slot machines at online casinos is that the variations are unlimited. Yes there is the classic 3-reel slots in which there is no bonus feature, but as technology progresses you may find many traditional slots featuring a wild symbol or even a bonus game. However, what you will find are the familiar symbols most associated with 3-reel slots, whether they incorporate fruit symbols, bars, 7s, bells, lemons, plums or those symbols you used to play at land-based casinos. For slot enthusiasts who enjoy 3-reel slots, you can enjoy hours of fun and be rewarded with some very handsome payouts as well. The one true fact about 3-reel slot games is that they are here to stay, and provide players with the option to play them as penny slots or as high stakes slots. 3-reel slot variations have become a diverse lot, morphing into interesting and familiar themes while, at the same time, incorporating the standard fruit symbols from the days of old. It is the one slot game that has the paytable atop or to the side of the slot machine, thus making your gaming experience a user-friendly one.

5 Reel Slots

While 5 Reel Slot machines have advanced in the number of paylines and payouts, the sheer number of slots available at online casinos is quite staggering. Mostly characterized as bonus video and/or bonus progressive video slots, 5-reel slots have become the most played slots online today. With up to 243 paylines, a wide variety of themes, and the bonus features incorporated into 5 reel slots, playing them at online casinos has become a truly incredible experience for online players. Indeed, you can find interactive 5-reel slots with wilds, scatters, and bonus symbols; 5-reel slots with free spin rounds that enable you to amass untold payouts, and 5-reel slots whose bonus games are unparalleled in the history of online casino gaming. With theme-based slots becoming the norm rather than the exception, featuring TV game shows, movies, comics, sports, and other genres; needless to say choosing just one favorite slot game is impossible. For slot enthusiasts, playing 5-reel slots is akin to hitting the mother lode. New and innovative 5-reel slots continue to emerge offering players an unlimited supply of unique and thrilling games within games.

Progressive Slots

When visiting any online casino, you may be immediately struck by the enormity of their featured progressive slots jackpot. Over the years, many online players have become instant millionaires playing progressive slots and this trend continues to this day. Progressive slots come in two forms: a regular progressive jackpot and a random progressive jackpot. The latter can be won at any time, and many a winner can attest to this fact. Unlike land-based casinos where you find a circle of progressive slot machines with jackpots that continue to rise as more people play, the world of online progressive slot machines offers better odds of winning. Millions of online players can be playing the same progressive slots at the same time unlike its land-based counterpart. Progressive slots also offer a bevy of bonus features including wilds, scatters, wild multipliers, free spins, and more than one bonus game. Unlike other slot machine types that number in the thousands, there are less than 100 progressive slots, thereby increasing the jackpot size at a faster rate. Add to this the stunning graphics, sounds, and theme-based progressive slots available to online players, you have a combination that is unbeatable by today’s standards. Online casinos showcase their progressive slots to attract slot players worldwide. As jackpots continue to surpass the million dollar mark, it’s no wonder that progressive slots have become the “perfect storm” for slot enthusiasts.

Bonus Slot Machines

Bonus slot machines come in all forms. They can be found in 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, and progressive slots. What is so attractive about bonus slot machines? As a slot player, you might say it is the free spins round or for most slot players it is the bonus game or games that are incorporated into the slot machine. But the main ingredient for a successful bonus slot machine is the ability to interact with the bonus game itself. There are bonus slot machines in which you have to find buried treasure at the ocean’s floor, race worms, spin wheels, or choose briefcases. While most bonus slot machines feature wilds, scatters, and wild multipliers; it is the bonus round that attracts slot players to online casinos. No matter what the theme, no matter what the jackpot; slot players have found bonus slot machines to be the essence of what real slot play is all about. Having the ability to play a game within a game is not only exciting, but is every bit as challenging and rewarding. Without bonus slot machines the thrill of the hunt; the journey to adventure; the expectation of hitting it big time are dwindled down to fleeting moments. Bonus slot machines make online casino gaming what it is today – a chance to make the impossible possible.