New Madonna Lucky Star Slots

The legendary singer Madonna is now getting her very own slot game thanks to the 10-million-dollar agreement she has now made with Aristocrat. Madonna has been pretty much everything in her professional career - a musician, a movie star and now she just happens to be the main character in one of the biggest slot game titles of the year. Naturally, this isn't the first slot game to be centered around a popular singer. There's also the case of Britney Spears, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

The answer to the question whether the game will live up to the expectations created by Madonna's name is yet to be revealed. The past releases of Aristocrat have been centered around themes, which involve a huge community of fans such as DC's Man of Steel-connected slot. This new Madonna title continues to prove the game provider's ambition and courage. Aristocrat are quite fascinated with Madonna in general and they have hinted that this might not be the only Queen of Pop-connected game that they will produce.

Gorgeous Appearance and Hugely Rewarding Gameplay

The new game is called Madonna Lucky Star Slots and simply put - it lives up to the beauty, popularity and hype of its star. It involves 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 paylines. There are 6 jackpot prizes depicted on the main screen. The reels' main screen depicts the face of Madonna, very similar to how she looks in the clip of the eponymous song. The game's appearance is dominated by neon colors, mostly shades of purple and pink, which grant the slot an extremely disco vibe. Various animations fill the screen with movement - falling stars, pulsating lights, streams of color, which pass through the screen like comets with long tails.

The reels are equally marvelous to behold. The borders of the positions are outlined with a beam that constantly emits a shining of some sort. Winning combination will cause little bursts of light. In terms of its appearance, this new game from Aristocrat is simply nothing short of a masterpiece. The gameplay includes a wild symbol, a bonus symbol, a Lucky Star logo symbol and many icons, which depict Madonna herself. Furthermore, a cassette, glasses, a microphone, lips, bracelets and others can appear on the reels. Throughout the course of the game various clips from her music videos will be playing out.

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