Madonna Lucky Star Slots

Aristocrat have decided to deliver yet another ambitious project and this time it is fully centered around the Queen of Pop – Madonna. Madonna Lucky Star Slots’ appearance is exceptional – the foreground is dominated by the face of the legendary singer, similar to her appearance in the song of the same name. The main screen is colored in neon pink, purple, blue and teal colors. The game’s background involves various shapes – mostly stars and disco ball spots and endless movements such as flickering lights, shooting stars flying through the screen, making it one of the most smoothly animated, detailed and lively looking slot games you have ever seen. The reels themselves look marvelous too. Every winning combination causes tiny eruptions of light and every symbol position has a beautifully lit outline.

The Generous Limits and Features of the Queen’s Game

The game has 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 paylines. it also presents 6 different jackpot prize values – they are the Grand Jackpot, the Diamond Jackpot, the Platinum Jackpot, the Gold Jackpot, the Silver Jackpot and the Bronze Jackpot in order from the largest to the smallest. The formation of winning combinations and the activation of various bonus games will be accompanied by clips from Madonna’s music videos. Many of the bonus earnings are named after famous songs, like Holiday and Material Girl. There is also a huge Re-spins feature, which is capable of delivering gigantic earnings and can easily lead to some of the spectacular jackpot prizes of the game.

The Many Beautiful and Profitable Madonna Symbols

Some of the symbols, which players might encounter on the reels are a logo wild symbol, a bonus symbol, a Lucky Star logo symbol, a bracelets symbol, a cassette, pink shades, a microphone, woman’s lips and several symbols, depicting Madonna in different poses, with different background colors and various different hairstyles. There is a symbol with a green background, in which Madonna wears a dark top and a red hat, one with yellow background, in which Madonna is leaning on her head, one with shiny background, in which Madonna has put her hands on her cheeks, one in which Madonna’s hair is in a knot on one side of her face and another, in which the singer has a red band around the back of her head.

Featuring many great bonus features, a solid number of well-paying and highly effective symbols, Madonna Lucky Star does justice to its titular star through its beauty and its potential for giant earnings.