Poke The Guy

Poke the Guy Slots
Microgaming has come up with a brand-new game, which will give players the ability to get a hold of excellent prizes through simple but very entertaining gameplay. Poke the Guy is in possession of terrific colors, gorgeous graphics, smooth animations and an intriguing theme. Its most spectacular feature, however, is its innovative and best of all – highly interactive gameplay, which grants players with a lot of freedom of choice.

Large Scope Looks

The main screen of the game is rather unsophisticated – the bottom part is dominated by the depiction of an ocean and the upper part shows land, filled with buildings, trees and hills and most noticeably – famous monuments and tourist attractions from all over the world such as the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids and Mount Rushmore. This dream-like city is being attacked by an oversized human-like creature known as The Guy. The goal is to take down the insane giant and save the city.

Save the World and Make Great Earnings

Players will be able to choose from a variety of weapons, which will be fired at the Guy. Everything can be thrown at the monster – from a rubber ducks and knives to trees and fish. Every throw stands for a certain wager. Both the type of object and the size of the wager can be personally chosen by the player. Pressing the slingshot, which is positioned at the bottom of the screen will shoot out the random object towards the Guy. Every launch will actually work as a placed bet.

Obviously, the giant will attempt to move out of the projectiles’ way and in the process, he will be crashing into various landmarks while performing some truly outlandish movements. If the gambler ends up striking the Guy, a random payout award will be granted along with the chance to gain multiplier values, which can pay as much as 500 times the placed bet.

The game can be enjoyed just as easily on mobile devices. The best way to play it is in portrait mode – that is the general look of the game either way. The game is already online with Microgaming and Quickfire. Give it a try, if you are a gambling fan who is eager to try something new and fun; the game can give players the chance to not only acquire gigantic earnings but to also increase them substantially through remarkable multiplier prizes.