Mega Money Mine Slots

With a name like Mega Money Mine, this slots extravaganza shows it is serious about its theme the moment you lay eyes upon its screen. Mega Money Mine Slots is a classically styled three reel, one payline slot with gold mining as its theme. Gold mining is a subject that is rich in historical lore, but the fact is that it can take quite a bit of effort to extract the gold from the earth. With Mega Money Mine Slots, you can virtually visit a gold mine and walk away with a prize rivaling a gold nugget with much less effort. Why not strike it rich from the comfort of your home?

There’s Gold in Those Hills

The screen that greets you as you begin to play Mega Money Mine Slots is reminiscent of the interior of an underground gold mine. Carts containing mined diamonds and gold nuggets are displayed on the right, while there are mining tools like a pick, a shovel, and dynamite on the left. In the middle are the reels, which are very straightforward in their classic design. Reel symbols for the game include the Mega Money Mine symbol, a Gold Bar, Shovels, a Blue Seven, a Diamond, Cherries, a Double Bar symbol and a Single Bar symbol.

A Progressive Jackpot, Too

Unlike games such as the Shaaark Slot or Mystical Mermaids slot machine , coin sizes offered by this fun slots attraction are limited to $1.50. The maximum bet is three coins or $4.50, betting one “coin” on each line. Mega Money Mine Slots is also a Progressive jackpot, with the current jackpot amount clearly displayed on the top of the screen. In order to be eligible for the Progressive, players will need to wager a minimum of three coins on each spin.

A Great Slot for Beginners

This classic slot is a great option for those who are new to the wonderful world of slots. Its simple design acts as a catalyst through which learning about online slots can take place. There is no Wild or Scatter symbol present in Mega Money Mine Slots, so players have no distractions to hinder their education in all things slots. Each of the reel symbols has a set amount that it will pay, depending on how many of each symbol appears on the payline after a spin.

The Mega Money Mine Jackpot

Three of the Gold Bar symbols on the payline means you have hit the jackpot of 2,250 coins or $3375.00 when the maximum bet has been placed. A bet of two coins will equal 1500 coins or $2250.00 when three Gold Bars appear, while a bet of one coin only will still grant those who come up with the three Gold Bar symbols a prize of 750 coins or $1,123.00. Mega Money Mine Slots is available to play via a quick download at many popular online casinos such as Liberty Slots Casino .