Slot Century Slots

Century Slots is a 5-reel, 5 pay-line video slot with a nostalgic twist…nothing more…nothing less. It does offer some Bonus Features, 36 winning combinations, a 10,000 coin jackpot, scatters and wilds. In that sense it is everything that a slot game should be…it is very straightforward to play. It will remind you of a day at the carnival. You can play with coin values that range from as little as a nickel up to twenty bucks and you are allowed to bet as many as five coins per spin which is an impressive $100. The top jackpot pays out some 10,000 coins and the next highest will pay 1,000 coins. Download and play Slot Century Slots now!

Slot Century Slots Symbols

Symbols include The Wild Symbol in Century Slots is the “Wild Reel” icon and it can be used to substitute for any symbol in the game other than the Scatter and Bonus Symbols. The Scatter Symbol is the Classic Golden Slot Machine. It is used to trigger the Bonus Game whenever two or more appear anywhere on the reels at the same time. Other symbols in this game include Cherries, a Horseshoe, the Liberty Bell, a Diamond, a Plum, and a Lemon.

Bonus game

To activate the Fortune Fairground Bonus Game, you need to hit three or more multi colored wheel symbols on the reels. You will only find this symbol on reels two, three, or four. You will be taken to a different screen where you will spin a wheel to determine what you have won. The prizes can vary and the number of choices that you get depends on how many multi colored wheel symbols you had. Your Bonus Cash wins are added to your win total.

Free Spins

Slot Century is a real classic slot game that is very similar to the way that slots were when they first came out…filled with Liberty Bells and Diamonds…it really is a treat and one that can put some pretty big winnings in your pocket. Use the Auto Play feature in Slot Century Slots so you can sit back and let your computer do the spinning for you. Auto play stops for Free Spins. Also, feel free to sit back and give this slot game a whirl at no charge in the comfort of your own home as a guest player. This will provide you with the opportunity to weigh up the online casino software and slot games with completely no risk involved! Wouldn’t You Like to Go Back in Time a Bit…the Way Things Used to be?