Big Bang Slots

Online casino gamers who enjoy classic slot machine games will be pleased to discover a hidden slots gem; Big Bang Slots is a great way to play a traditional slots game. Regardless of the size of your entertainment budget, this game is definitely worth playing. Wager and spin to win today in Big Bang Slots.

The More You Wager, the More You Win

Like most casino games, Big Bang Slots allows players to choose how much they wish to wager on any given spin. With 3 reels and 3 paylines, this slot is a good fit for any player. You’ll choose a coin size between $0.05 and $5.00 to wager on the 3 paylines. Casino gamblers who want to win serious cash will remember that making the maximum wager in any slots game is the fastest way to a big win!

Go for the Gold in Big Bang Slots

Offering gamblers an Olympic theme, Big Bang Slots features symbols that are both unique and traditional. Check out the Big Bang Golden Coin, Cherries, Golden Single BAR, Golden Double BAR, the Golden Triple BAR, and the Olympic Red Seven. The screen on which the reels rest is golden, classy, and appealing. Don’t miss your chance to spin the reels, enjoy gorgeous symbols, and win huge cash; play Big Bang Slots today.

The Big Bang Golden Coin is a remarkably helpful icon to find on an active payline. In addition to substituting for symbols needed to complete winning combinations, the Golden Coin can help players strike the jackpot. Remember, when you see the Big Bang Golden Coin, you’re getting close to a win!

Win Big Money in Big Bang Slots

If you enjoy playing slots for a jackpot, then Big Bang is your perfect game. Lining up 3 Big Bang Golden Coins could trigger the 6000 coin jackpot! A secondary jackpot is also available, and could provide players with a win that equals 3000 coins. In order to determine the size of your individual jackpot, you must look at your coin size, and multiply by it by either 6000 or 3000; either way, you’re in for one heck of a payoff!

Autoplay Makes Game Play Easier

If you enjoy continuous slots play, autoplay may be an excellent option for you. Simply decide how many spins you would like the game to make for you, set it, and let it go. The incredible autoplay feature allows you to continue gaming while using the restroom, changing the baby, or dealing with anything else life throws at you… without missing a moment of slots play!

Play Big Bang Slots Today

Those online casino gamblers who prefer their slot machine games to be traditional will love the Big Bang Slots game. With only 3 reels and 3 paylines, this game is easy to learn and could offer an incredible payoff. If you’re ready to experience an amazingly entertaining online casino game, give the Big Bang Slots game a chance today!