Mah Jong Madness Slots

Mah Jong Madness Slots
Mah Jong, an addictive Chinese themed game originated in China as a 3 or 4 player game played with little tiles. These images were transformed into a solitaire computer game where a single player clicks around the screen to match tiles. The aim of the game is to wipe all matched tiles off the board. Now it has been transformed into a neat little slot complements of Wager Gaming Technology (former Vegas Technology). Easily recognizable by Mah Jong enthusiasts this real money slot game gives this game that edge. Mah Jong Madness uses the same golden plaques on the reels and the same featured icons from the solitaire game.

In the original game, the symbols were specifically designed to be similar to add to the skill level of the game, they were also designed with extreme care and detail, a trait that has been carried through to the slot. If it’s a slot, then how does it work?

This Mah Jonh game is not what it seems

The most important thing to bear in mind is that this is a slot machine and not the Mah Jong game, as similar as it may at first seem. It works like a slot with 5 reels and it has 21 paylines, each one created from a symbol from each reel. That means paylines are 5 symbols long.

Anyone can play this game, no matter your balance you will be able to squeeze in a few spins. There are 21 paylines, each activated by a single coin. The total bet amount is dependent on your selected coin value. You can set it from as little as 1c per line, allowing you to spin the reels from just 21c or right up to $10 per line making that $210 max bet across all of the 21 paylines. It is important that all paylines are activated for you to receive any wins on those lines.

The aim of this game is to line up as many matching tiles on the same payline as possible. The appeal of this slot is in the pleasure of its associations to rest and relation and unwinding after a long day. While you are going for the top payout, there is no need to bet max, nor is there any need to get as many spins under your belt as possible by reducing the bet size to its microscopic opposite.

What is also important to remember is that the matching symbols need to be right next to each other to count as a winning combination on the same payline. Also, one of the matching symbols must be in either the first or last reel and not in the middle.

Chinese symbols that mean something

All of these intricate little tiles are decorated with Chinese art and writing. The green Chinese Dragon, symbolizing ‘get rich’ appropriately pays out the jackpot of up to $25,000 with all 5 on the same payline. Your next most wanted symbol of the red dragon paying out 1,000 coins for a full payline of matching symbols.

This game is automatically set to auto play. Click spin to get the reels started and they will just keep spinning out results until you click the stop button.

Spin the tiles

Keep this ancient game of the old Chinese Mah Jong masters alive. Download the software of your favorite WGT casino and get spinning.