Basic Terms For Serious Slot Players

If you are new at slots, especially online slots, you may find that there are some terms used on paytables and rules that are a bit confusing. Playing at outstanding online casinos such as Silver Oak Casino or Jackpot Capital Casino is a good choice simply because they cater to both beginners and those that have years playing the slots. Learning a few simple terms will help you not only choose the games but be able to converse in online forums or websites about your gaming experience.

Basic Terms Stay The Same

Playing different types of slot machines doesn't mean that the terminology will change; it is consistent between machines and even online casinos. It is also the same terminology that will be used if you play in a real casino, which can be a big help. For example, the term blank, which refers to the empty space between symbols on a reel, will be identified as such on all slot machines. Dime machines or dime slots are machines or games that use multiples of 10 for betting. They might be a dime, $10 or $100 so it is important to look at the denomination of the game before getting started. The nickel slots are all in denominations of a nickel, five dollars or fifty dollars. Online sites such as Club USA Casino and Las Vegas USA Casino have a wide variety of games of different denominations.

Free Slot Games

A good term to learn, free slot games refers to the ability to play a game online without wagering any real money. Mermaid Slot machines, Cleopatra games and almost every other type of slot can be found in the free version, typically a flash player. This is a great way to learn about the game, the payouts, betting lines and all the little extras the game may offer. Although there is no sure fire way to determine how much a machine will pay out on any given day, loose slots are considered the gambler's best friend. These are slot machines or online games that pay out more than typically is to be expected.

Betting On Slots

Each game has its own lines that pay out. Depending on the game and the amount you wager you may be able to win on multiple lines. A multi-line slot allows you to bet on as many lines as you like, typically up to 15 different combinations. While this does increase your chances of winning it also costs more per spin, so many players have a specific combination of lines that they play. Mermaid Slots have multiple paylines, making for an exciting game.