Online Casino Authorization Forms

What are online casino authorization forms and why should we understand their importance in the world of Internet gambling? Let’s answer the second part of this question first, in the interest of getting some of the imagined problems out of the way. When some people think about “authorization” and “forms” they immediately feel stress, get nervous and have visions of doing something illegal. Because of this attitude we need to be reminded that authorization forms used by online casinos don’t have to be a problem. They can be a way to prevent problems. Companies that operate Web-based casinos do it to make money and in most cases they want to do it efficiently and legally. They also want to make sure that players are there to enjoy their pastime and maybe win a little money, legally. So, they use authorization forms.

Disputes: Avoid, Settle

Here’s a question that every online player should know the answer to: What should I do when an online casino asks me to fill out an authorization form? Answer: Fill it out and then start enjoying your favorite casino game. The casino is looking for very basic information. You’ll probably have to provide: information from your driver’s license or another “official” photo identification card; information from the credit cards that you use for your real-money account; utility bill or a similar piece of mail that shows the name and address used to establish your account. The information is used to settle disputes and resolve issues that seem to arise occasionally when gambling and money are involved. Online casino authorization forms also tell the casino company that you agree to abide by guidelines and legal terms that apply in the online-casino world. If you win money at an online casino you will eventually get to the point of withdrawing some money. The online casino will use information on the authorization form to protect the company from fraud and to make sure that the correct person gets the money.

Is it Safe?

Many people are uncomfortable with providing sensitive information to someone they can’t see. But the current atmosphere created by federal and state laws around the globe will generally protect both the casino and the player. After all, reliable online casinos want to stay in business and avoid legal/financial problems. It’s the only way they will be able to generate profit over a long period of time. Providing information for authorization forms may seem a bit of a hassle at first but it is there for both sides of the online-gambling equation. Keep in mind that it takes only a few minutes to fill out the form. The small amount of “stress” this may cause will be more than balanced by the hours of safe and profitable online play you will enjoy.