Gambling is a fun and exciting pastime that an ever growing number of people enjoy worldwide. In this amazing era of the Internet, it is a pastime that is more available than ever before. Players no longer need to plan to go to gambling friendly locations, but now they can gamble whenever and wherever they choose as long as they have a laptop with a Wi-Fi setup. This is fantastic for gamers who live far from their favorite gambling destinations.

The other side of that coin, however, is that there are also an ever growing number of people for whom gambling is a serious problem. Gambling gets the adrenaline flowing when it is done right. It gets the blood pumping, and the hormones rushing through the brain, and that means that it has the potential to be as addictive as many controlled substances. For people with gambling addictions, it may start with the need to spin the reels a few times in the afternoon, but it may end up with them gambling away their last pennies. Neither the mortgage, the rent, retirement plans nor anything else takes precedence over getting the thrill that a few hands of cards can offer, and the higher the stakes, the bigger the rush.

This is where GamCare steps in. GamCare is a non-profit organization founded in the UK in response to studies that showed that gambling addiction is the most rapidly growing addiction in the UK. They offer non-judgmental service to those who have, or who think that they may have, a problem with gambling. With GamCare’s help players will develop an understanding of the social impact of gambling and develop a responsible approach to gambling. It helps players understand the appropriate place of gambling in their lives and councils on how to keep gambling in the appropriate perspective. Unlike many counciling services, GamCare does not approach gambling as an “evil” or “wicked” pastime. If players are able to control their urges, GamCare tries to offer alternatives to quitting altogether. If players cannot, they will make the appropriate recommendations.

GamCare also offers counseling to the families of problem and potential problem gamblers. This is a huge value to gamblers and their families alike, assisting them in getting through difficult times.

Annual Conference

Every year GamCare hosts a conference in London where gamblers and councilors can gather and share thoughts and ideas. As a non-profit organization, they rely heavily on contributions from the public and on the work of experts in the field of counseling addictive personalities.

If You Are in Need

Players should not feel shy about contacting GamCare. The service is free, and the contact is anonymous. If you have questions about gambling addiction or if you feel that you or a loved one may have a problem with gambling, contact GamCare today. They are a great resource, and they are there to help.