Rock'N'Roller Slots

‘I can’t get no satisfaction, I can’t get no satisfaction. Cause I try and I try and I try. I can’t get no, I can’t get no’. These all too familiar words immediately get the feet tapping and the tune that is embedded in our brain as second nature starts to repeat itself. That warm and excitable party feeling starts to rise up from within you and all of a sudden you kick into fifth gear. The Rolling Stones are the epitome of Rock n Roll.

Let’s rock n Roll

Gazing at the golden arched machine with the colors of Rock n Roll, you become mesmerized. On the three rollers you recognize the formidable and much loved instruments of Rock n Roll. The bright orange guitar that you have on so many occasions dreamed of strumming in front of thousands of passionate fans and the gold or platinum records that you aspire to achieving. Immediately you realize, but I can lose myself in Rock n Roll. Prove wrong the lyrics of the song that is repeating itself in your head by engaging in the greatest rock game in history. By the time you have jived and strummed your fortune with the Rock n Roller slots on all five lines, all you will feel IS satisfaction.

The different options’ this game gives you is like choosing which key you want to play on your guitar, choose which sounds the sweetest to you. Like all the classics ever written, this game is the ultimate slot classic.

‘Fun, Fun, Fun’

Playing the game is as simple as ‘One o’clock, Two o’clock, Three o’clock Rock’. Drum roll please. You have complete control purely by pressing the increase or decrease option to determine which coin you going to use in producing the combination that will bring music to your ears. You have a wide choice from 5c ranging up to $5, to make that music sound all the sweeter. And you need not be afraid that there is not enough combinations with only five lines, as there are in fact 12 chances to hit that jackpot of 700 coins.

If you dare, like so many great rock and rollers have, take a chance on the big time and bet all the coins you are permitted to and automatically it will roll on using all the lines. Five of the big time lines in total. There is always the tempered approach, as I am sure some musicians have selected by placing your bet to succeed one by one. It is then up to you to play that note that will ignite the roller to rock. No great musician has become a rock star on the first attempt, so try and try again you’re sure to hit the big time!

‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’

The success of each dominating rock and roll band is the way in which the lyrics, people and instruments come together. The Rock n Roller slot is no different. The lightning orange guitar, the harmonious harmonica, the hard core drum and then of course the symbols of success gold and platinum records are all the elements that will complete your Rock n Roller experience, each symbol will have its own payout each musical instrument, check your paytable so prominently above the reels.

Like all bands dream of achieving, aim to ‘shake, rattle and roll’ into winning the triple platinum record status.

If you want to, you could play it like The Monkees and take the approach of ‘I’m a Believer’ and allow the automatic play option that will show a little Aretha Franklin respect and choose your preferences then move on to spinning for ‘Money, Money, Money’.

‘Born To Be Wild’

Put on those rock and roll shoes and get ready to break out the moves when that all too familiar tune plays as you strike it lucky and you become the ultimate Rock n Roller, download now and be prepared to play while you tapping your shoes.