Triple Profits Slots

Slip behind the scenes at a bank where even the trimmings are solid gold, there are gold bars, brad new crisp notes banded together and everything else you need. One of those ever so slightly different slots, there is an element of skill and decision. There is also interaction taking none of the fun out of the game. If you like the sound of money just keep on playing because you are bound to hear more and more of it as the game continues.

Money making is a skill, so read and learn

Enter the vault at the mint where all coins and notes are made and you are faced with three reels and three paylines lying across them. By default the value of the coin is set to 1c and all three lines are activated with 5 coins each. To reduce the amount of coins per line simply click the bet one button at the bottom of the reels until you are happy with the line bet which changes on the right hand side of the reels. The number of coins per line is important when a winning combination falls on that line. The coins won are multiplied by the coins on that line.

There is no option to deactivate lines which you will find makes sense the moment you get into it. To adjust the bet, other than the reducing the amount of coins per line, is to adjust the coin size which ranges from 1c to $5. So with a minimum bet of 3c you get a maximum bet of $75 which is a fairly decent range for any player.

Click spin and you find that only the bottom line is filled with symbols. At the bottom of each real is a silver coin with the word ‘hold’ stamped into it. If you want to hold the symbol it will fill up the entire reel to the top with the same symbol. This will ensure that this symbol is found in every one of the three lines. Click the hold buttons to hold already matching symbols or click on high value symbols in the hopes of getting a bigger win with less guarantee. If nothing on the bottom line takes your fancy click spin again and all reels turn filling up all lines and completing the spin with brand new symbols.

The icons work together

The wild symbol is not easy to miss; it is a gold emblem that says ‘wild’ in front of a stack of gold bars. If you get the wild symbol in the bottom reel it is automatically held. This is a guaranteed win since the wild symbol is the only symbol that pays for just one or two on a payline. Getting three of a kind will be the gold at the end of the rainbow though!

The wad of banded cash is the bonus symbol and three in a row will take you into the vaults for some bonus cash to be flung your way. Remember bonus wins are based on your bet settings, so the more you bet, the more free cash you can pocket.

The remainder of the ten symbols are divided into four groups. The lowest paying symbol is the collection of lead weights. On its own in a group it pays for three of a kind which is a fairly common occurrence. Going up the paytables is the golden scales, the calculator and the safe. Though each of them pay differing amounts any of them on the same payline together still pay out a little something.

The same applies to the three multi-colored money bags and the dollar sign collector’s coins. Three of a kind pay out higher but three from the same group still pays a small reward.

Get your dirty little hands on those money bags

Enter the bonus round with three wads of crisp notes on the same line and in an underground room inside the mint. You have in front of you the golden scale, larger than life, weighing up a lump of gold. On the table are piles of golden coins and fresh green notes. Even the room is green. In the centre of the table are 12 money bags. You get to choose three that you hope are filled with the largest amounts of cash; your money is counted in an instant after the third pick and announced on the screen as you are sent back to the reels for some more reeling fun.

It’s always all about the money

Triple Profits is triple the fun, making money has never been easier. All you need to cash in on some of the byproducts is to download the casino software and open an account. The sooner you start to play, and the quicker you add your own style the more of an edge you will have. Play to the sound of money.