Tres Amigos Slots

Tres Amigos is a spin on the three amigos who are known well for their ability to have a good time. Located in Mexico expect the place to be lit up with vibrant greens and yellows and shocking red and yellow sunsets. The game is a wonderful way to party up a storm with these great characters, who frequently wink as you spin a few more rounds. The paytable is animated and flashes, attracting much deserved attention to it, lights pulsating up the ladder of winning combinations.

Can you speak Mexican?

With everything on the same page including the reels and the paytable, there is nothing complicated about this slot. There is only one payline through the centre of the three reels. Spinning will show you that sometimes symbols will fall just short of the line giving you a blank. The idea is to get three matching symbols on the centre payline.

This payline can take two coins so with each spin you can double your stake and double the win. If you are betting both coins there is a bonus for getting three amigos in a row, your winnings are not just doubled but topped up with a total prize of 2,500 coins.

Your win really depends on the value you have set your coins. This can be as little as 1c which converts this 2,500 coins into $25 or you can slide between a range of 1c up to $5 which adds a whole lot more value to that great win of $12,500 in the shade!

There are no bonus rounds to wait for so the point of this game is bet as high as your balance will allow and win as much as you can. As a penny slot this is also great for extended game play and you can bet just 1c per spin with the difference in the jackpot for that second coin being only a dollar. Or make the big win a possibility by placing the maximum bet of $10.

The Mexicans sure know how to party

The sombrero topped amigo is the jackpot symbol and only when you are able to get the three amigos together on that middle payline are you rewarded with that jackpot. Get some Mexican music going with the guitar and shaker and add some vibe to some smaller wins with higher paying symbols being the cactus, the source of tequila, and nachos, a delicious Mexican snack. But it is the chili, a mid value symbol that is your friend because besides being of average value comes up rather frequently and rewards you double your bet for even just one on the centre line. Two chilies will pay out 5 times your bet. This hot symbol can help you to accumulate some great rewards to keep you in the game for longer while seeking out the jackpot.

Have a shot of cactus juice and let’s get rolling!

A funky slot, with lots of fun and laughter and great Mexican vibes will keep you entertained with hot dashes of cash splashed around. Suited for beginners who enjoy a good round of classic slots this game has nothing to confuse the senses and some regular wins to keep you coming back for more. Play this slot by downloading the casino software. The three amigos will show you how it’s done.