Sultans Fortune Slots

The ruler of the Turkish Empire has a fortune to share. The game is colorful with purples and pinks and detailed oriental styled architecture that can be seen through the majestic windows. The game itself is set in the hallways of the great temple and the pay table is propped between the grand arches. Overall the game is easy to play, the pay table is on the same page as the reels and there are no complicating features. The oriental music chimes while the reels spin and reward you for each win.

The Sultan has style

At the top of the screen the pay table shows all the different winning combinations. The two columns to the right of that are the payout amounts for each win. The first column is for betting one coin the second column is for betting both coins. You can change between one and two coins by clicking the ‘bet one’ button below the reels and the relevant column will be highlighted at the top.

Betting both coins makes the difference only when it comes to the jackpot and in this game it is all about the jackpot being up to $50,000. The jackpot amount as well as the bet amount is determined by the value of the coin which can be adjusted using the arrow keys to the bottom left of the screen. The value ranges from 1c up to $5. A minimum bet of 1c can be placed, activating the payouts in the first column or you can bet as much as $10 per spin. It is recommended to play both coins on the payline and adjust the coin size according to your balance to be able to take advantage of the bonus when hitting the jackpot combination.

Magical riches from a far off land

The top paying symbol, the upside down top hat, is also the wild symbol. As a wild it stands in for other symbols when looking to complete winning combinations. Included in the other symbols is a double heart, emerald, a sword, pearl and a gold coin.

There is a single line through the three reels. Clicking spin you will notice that the line may sometimes fall between symbols giving you a blank. This Sultan will reward you for simply getting three symbols on the line. This is the lowest paying combination.

This fortune is for you

Great for beginners with a very handsome jackpot this game is easy to play with some entertaining graphics not to mention easy on the pocket. Download the software to get a taste of the richness and variety that Turkey has to offer.

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