Ugga Bugga Slots

What do we have here? Could this be a multi spin with an added spin on it? Set deep in the Amazon jungle the tribal village of Ugga Bugga exists. They have made the jungle their home and collected resources to make a good life for themselves. Close to the river, the kahuna’s hit the rapids with their canoes as often as their lifestyle will allow. With a jackpot of up to $250,000 this game has it all.

The sound effects are great, as the reels spin it sounds as though there is a march or some ritual chanting in the background. The reels themselves look like they have been neatly built out of sticks and canvases and woven tightly together. The symbols are bright and show the lavish lives they live in the deep tangles of the jungle. The game is fully interactive, there are very special elements of skill that improve the more you play.

How the Ugga Bugga’s survive the wild jungle

What looks at first like 5 rows and 6 reels is in fact 3 reels and 10 rows. When betting, you do not bet on a line or a row, instead you are placing a bet on the outcome of the spin as a whole, on all 10 rows in one go. So all combinations from all rows are paid for and added together. When placing coins down, you can bet up to 5 coins. Despite not being able to deactivate specific lines, the number of coins is still coins per line.

Playing all 5 coins is highly beneficial when it comes to winning the jackpot since instead of a prize equivalent to 250 times your wager, max bet pays out 1,000 times your total bet. So if you are playing on a budget and wanted to keep your bet down rather use the value of the coin since this can be as low as 1c. At a max bet of 5c on all 10 lines 50c per spin is an absolute steal. If you are really interested in pushing the wager to the village limits the coin size can be set as high as $5, so high rollers are looking at $250 per click.

Watch them expand to give you more chances

Click spin and the first row of three reels on the left fills with symbols. You can hold any of the symbols or all of them by clicking on the rustic wooden plant beneath the reel. Instantly the symbol expands up with the entire reel on both the left and right hand side of the rustic slot. Clicking hold again and the symbols retract into their original position. This function guarantees that this symbol will be one of the three symbols in all combinations on the 10 lines. If the bottom row contains a guaranteed win the reels automatically fill and collecting your win is as simple as clicking the spin button again. This same goes for symbols that pay for just one of a kind.

Now that you get the gist of how the slot works there are a few strategies to follow. The symbols falls into groups, for example there are three varieties of bowls, three of a kind pay out but three bowls of any variety payout. So if the bottom row contains two different symbols that fall in the same group hold them both even if the third symbol pays for one of a kind. There are 10 chances to hit another symbol in the same group.

Lower paying symbols come up more frequently and if there is a choice to hold a symbol for the simple reason of ensuring no blanks on that reel on any of the 10 lines, chose a lower paying symbol for a better chance of getting more symbols in the same group.

If there is a low paying symbol that pays for just one of a kind that has replicated all the way through the 10 lines and neither of the other two symbols are related to each other, click spin to hope for another of a kind. The winnings from this will at the very least cover your bet. If in doubt, check the paytable frequently, this can even be done during a spin.

Simple living turned luxury lifestyle

The wild symbol is the golden statue and pays 1,000 times the line bet on the simple condition that all 5 coins are played. Despite how rare this symbol is and how infrequently it may come up taking only 250 times your total bet should it come up is not a chance you should be willing to take. Being the wild it also stands in for all other symbols on the reels. On its own it pays for even one or two so if found in the bottom reel in the first spin it replicates right to the top on both sides guaranteeing a payout and increasing the chances that it may complete a winning combination in the next click of ‘spin’.

The next most important symbol is the kahuna with his paddle. Found commonly on the reels this symbol pays for one, two or three of a kind. In fact, he pays the same for one and two symbols as the wild. It is these two symbols that will keep you going.

The two top value groups of symbols are the wooden masks and the drums and combinations can be formed from any one of the symbols in both of these groups. As top paying symbols, remember to hold them if any two from either of these groups fall on the bottom line in the first spin.

Treasures treasures everywhere

Join the Ugga Bugga tribe as they exploit the natural treasures of the forest with top wins, full interaction and the ability to increase your level of skill. Download this game and never lack stimulation again.