Rock And Roll Slots

Many people remember the era of Rock and Roll, the music enchanted thousands of young people, the dancing continued far into the night, and the heroes of the day were many famous names, never to be forgotten the king of Rock Elvis Presley. Youngsters flocked to the local drugstores to hear their idols on the jukeboxes. Truly it was a hedonic era, a time of magic enchantment for some people. You can relive those days with the Rock and Roll slots game.

User friendly and easy to play

The Rock and Roll slots game is easy to play choosing your coin size is accomplished by clicking your mouse on either they minus sign to lower the bet or the plus sign to increase the bet, coin denominations for this slots game begins at 10, 20, 30, 40 and max bet per line 50. This is give reel and 21 paylines which gives plenty of opportunities to get winning combinations. The maximum bet is 10.50.

To play on the number paylines you need to click on bet one and each time you click on bet one it increases the number of paylines you can play on up to twenty one. If you choose max bet it will automatically play on all the paylines.

The symbols are perfect Rock and Roll icons

To bring out that incredible music you need a guitar, a microphone, the drum, the trumpet, mandolin and Treble Clef, all recorded on those wonderful vinyl records that were so popular, and the high cards of king, queen and jack. The higher paying symbols are the Treble Clef if you get that five time it will pay out 300, find five microphones and it will pay out 150, five drums will pay out 100, 5 mandolins will pay out 60, and five trumpets will pay out 30 each of these have payouts for 4, 3 or 2 at lesser amounts. The other symbols have payouts of varying degrees so check your paytable for the full breakdown of all the symbols.

Dukeboxes on the wild side of life

Watch for the dukeboxes, when you see them flash on the reels they definitely pay out, get one dukebox and it will pay .50 but no free spins, 2 will pay 5 and 5 free spins, 2 will pay 20 and 10 free spins, 4 will pay 100 and 15 free spins, and 5 will pay 500 and 25 free spins. When two or more dukeboxes appear on the reel the free spins automatically play.

Let the speakers play the music

The speaker is the scatter, it will flash anywhere on the reels. To win you need two or more scattered across the reels. Get two; three or four scatters and the bonus round will begin.

When the bonus round is triggered you will be given an opportunity to scratch all then you can watch your winnings being calculated, and it will automatically return you to the game.

Autoplay frees your hands

There is an autoplay feature which you can click on the ‘Auto on” button, it will automatically start spinning the reels on the last bet amount you set and continue spinning the reels until you press the ‘Auto off” button to stop. It will also stop when you hit a bonus round for you to play, once you complete the bonus round you will be returned to the main game and it will start spinning the reels automatically until you press “Auto off’ to stop them. Play Rock and Roll slots today and take your mind down memory lane.