Casino Games for Women

There is absolutely no reason why women should always be thought of as in the background but unfortunately for years this has happened especially at land based casinos. Men would always occupy the card tables and either have a beautiful woman adorning them or they would send the woman off to play simple slots games or lottery games like Keno while they concentrated on the big bucks games. Women are far from second class citizens but until the development and wide acceptance of the online casino, it was not socially accepted for women to be the main players at casino tables.

The Online Casino Allows Women to Play and Do Anything

Today thanks to the online casino, a woman can play whatever game she wants. With her sharp mind and ability to multi task some of the card games are most suitable for a woman to play. Take Blackjack where a player can really make a difference to the outcome of the game by deciding whether to stand or take another card when aiming for that all important 21 or Blackjack. Many online casinos offer Blackjack games with multiple hands and bonus opportunities where female players can really put their multi tasking skills to practice by playing with up to 4 different hands at once and deciding on whether to place bonus bets or not.

The Smart Choice is Baccarat

Baccarat is another great game for women which can be played online. Baccarat used to be played in land based casinos behind a curtain and no one but the players could enter the play area and sit at the table. Now, it is a game for everyone and most importantly for women who can use their sharp minds to work out the best hands. The aim when playing Baccarat is to try and get the lowest hand possible; all face cards are considered one. You can also place additional bonus bets on a run of cards in your hand which can potentially pay you out odds of 100:1 in some casinos.

A Woman’s Touch with Roulette

Roulette is another traditional game where the women were meant to just stand by and look attractive while the men placed their bets on the spinning wheel. Today you can play Roulette online with a wheel that looks more real than the real thing and a plush green betting grid that is easy to use and understand. Nothing should hold you back when playing Roulette and it is very exciting to watch the wheel spin and see where the little white ball comes to land. At online casinos you can find different versions of Roulette to play; the main two versions are the European Wheel and the American wheel, where the American wheel has an extra double zero on it, making it an even large wheel.

Slots and Video Poker Female Skills

Slots have always been the game of women but when playing slots online you can also find every type of slots that there are with every type of betting level. In fact many of the slots games also offer the chance to play for fun before you place real money bets. Video Poker is another great game that can be played online and as long as you are aware of the need for the best Poker hand you can’t go wrong as you decide which cards to hold and which to discard.

Luck be a Lady

Keno is a game that has been around for centuries. In land based casinos it was often played as a side game, men would buy a few Keno cards and ask their womenfolk to choose the winning numbers while they settled on their table games. Keno is a game of like, a bit like a lottery. There is a board of 80 numbers and the player has to choose 20 numbers. The computer then churns out 15 numbers and the more of your numbers that match the higher the win that you achieve. This is a great game to play online as a filler if you are waiting to join a poker table or only have a few minutes to spare.

No More Gambling Prejudice for Women

Whoever says that online gaming is dead is wrong especially when it comes to women. Gone are the days of the prejudices when women were pushed to the back of the casino. At an online casino everything is open to them and everything is available, with their sharp minds and multi-tasking qualities, there is nothing a woman can’t do especially when it comes to online casinos.