Pigskin Payout Slots

A touchdown for all, Pigskin Payout Slot Machine, is now here to make an impression to everyone with its stylish theme of American Football. Released on December 1, 2008 and inspired from the National Football League, this 5 reel and 20 payline video slots game features the defined quality gaming built by Rival Gaming Software over the years. Stand your goalposts firmly, as the game introduces you with interesting good-natured special effects for total excitement. Brace yourself, quarterbacks, for you will play in a football stadium as the Pigskin Payout's Main background, alongside with icons like, gridiron, gator mascots, and huge football players in pads, referee, nachos, football, refreshments and sexy cheerleaders. Earn 5 cheerleaders in your reel and would grant you the jackpot worth of 7,500 coins, depending on your coin size bet. Max your coins to 10 in a spin, to give you a shower of lucky rewards. Bet as low as $0.01 to $0.10 and fumble your way to that hard to earned jackpot. And yes, it offers a free practice mode where you can try your luck and earn you field goals. The enhanced graphics will get your groove on this game. You will truly have the feel of actually being out there in the field doing or watching football. You may also hear screams and roars of the crowd, which all sound realistic (thanks to Rival Gaming genius), as you hit rewards, that adds up to this amazing and thrilling slot game. When you hit the red spin button you are then diverted from your home to a football stadium. Download and play Pigskin Payout Slots!

Pigskin Payout Game Symbols

Icons like Stadium Symbols and Wild Cheerleaders are the rules of the game. Earnings of three or more of these coveted symbols will hand you over to the Bonus Round.

Pigskin Payout Bonus Round

Win yourself a rewarding three stadium symbols, will treat you a five free spins. Earn four; you'll get ten more spins. Delight and indulge yourself in a 25 free spins, if you'll get the chance to rule out and master your reel with 5 stadium symbols. Wild Bonus Round comes in when you commit yourself to a "can't lose" free spin mode. You are guaranteed to win on each spin a good reward, because the entire 1st and 5th reel, are filled up by the nasty cheerleaders in the game. So winning is easy as 1, 2 and 3.

Playing Locations for Pigskin Payout

Enjoy the game, be it on running backs, halfback or fullbacks, as the game is available on sites like Golden Cherry Casino.