Rival Casino SoftwareRival casino software is a newer online casino software. The company’s name makes a statement, that the software is meant to give other software providers a run for their money. According to many industry experts, they expect to see Rival software continue to grow. Although there are a number of positive qualities to the software, the number one reason for this growth in popularity comes from an unusual source – the company’s slot machine games.

Top Rival Casinos:

Rival i-slot Games

The company has been called a ‘pioneer’ in the online gambling software world because of their new interactive slot machine platforms called ‘i-slots.’ As of this writing, there are five i-slot games, and each one of them provides the player with a unique gaming experience. Rival i-slot games show the player movie footage that unfolds an intriguing tale as they progress through the game, taking slot machines to a whole new level. This ground-breaking form of slot machines play has been rapidly gaining popularity, and the games are expected to continue to become the new favorites of many online gamblers.

High Level of Fraud Protection

But Rival is more than just a flashy new slot machine experience. The company appeals to casino operators because of the high level of fraud protection that it provides, the easy reporting features, and the focus on customer service and training.

Rival Software is Notable for its Easy Downloading

For the player, the rich graphics and ease of use are two definite advantages. The software is also notable for its easy downloading. The company has proven its intentions to be an industry innovator, so players can be certain that the company will continue to bring new, creative games to the marketplace. In addition, Rival is noted for making a number of denominations available for gambling with, so you can choose the level that is most comfortable you.

As of today there are more than 150 Rival casino games. There are 35 different slot machine games, with the i-slots drawing more and more attention out of the lot. The software also offers keno, different poker games, baccarat, bingo, and even scratch games. The variety is another indication of the company’s intentions to capture and continue to entertain their customers.

Rival Casinos for USA Players

Currently, ten online casinos offer Rival games, though this number could certainly grow at any time as i-slots reach more players. But only some of them accept American players, unlike other gaming casinos that have decided to prohibit American players due to American gambling laws.
All of the existing Rival casinos also allow for free registration and ‘practice’ game playing. If you decide to start gambling on a Rival software site, you’ll be impressed by the generous bonuses and VIP deals that are offered. If you are a dedicated gambler or a high-roller online, be sure to look at some of the VIP programs that Rival casinos provide. You can earn some significant comps or savings by registering and qualifying for these programs.

Once you have experienced the i-slots for yourself, there are certainly other games to play on Rival casino sites. There are five progressive slot machine games, but if you are tired of slots as a genre, then try the set of classic table games on Rival.

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