The day has come to PasteandPay! What is PasteandPay? It’s a fantastic new online payment choice that is becoming quite popular as a casino deposit option at online casinos all over the Internet. Once you have a PasteandPay account, all you have to do is purchase a voucher in the amount you want to use in an online casino. Then, you visit that casino and present the voucher as payment for your gaming. There is no worry about security, identity theft or any other type of trouble when using PasteandPay! This makes the service quite a useful deposit option for those from the United States who have experienced various degrees of trouble with their credit card transactions.

What is PasteandPay?

It costs nothing to register and open a PasteandPay account online, and you are able to use a MasterCard or Visa to fund the voucher. PasteandPay was designed to be as user-friendly as possible, bringing a note of freshness to the online casino-banking scene that is most welcome. The voucher method makes PasteandPay a truly hassle free method of funding a casino account whether you decide to play 7 reel slots or a Mystical Mermaid Slot machine.

Where Can I Deposit with Paste and Pay?

How PasteandPay Can Help You

PasteandPay has also morphed into a genuinely handy method of helping online casino gamers to hold fast to a gambling budget. Since the voucher that you purchase from the PasteandPay website is prepaid, there will be no worries about spending more than you had planned. You can’t add to the voucher total, so the only amount you have to play with is your initial PasteandPay purchase sum. This comes in handy when players are tempted to overspend while enjoying the game play of Reel Deal Slots or Winning Wizard Slots. PasteandPay is valuable to consumers everywhere, for your personal financial information is well protected when you redeem your voucher.

How to Open a PasteandPay Account

Just go to the PasteandPay website to open your account. You’ll need to fill out a registration form, and you will then be sent a PIN number in an email. This PIN number is used to validate your registration. Your credit card information is entered next. If at this time you feel that you need spending limits for your vouchers that are higher than those provided by the free PasteandPay payment choice, you have the option to upgrade your account status. This will give you a higher spending limit. Once you have completed registration, you are able to purchase vouchers so that you can pay and play at online casinos the PasteandPay way!