Online slots games has come a long way from 1899 when Charles Fey introduced the predecessor of today's slot machines in San Francisco. Named Liberty Bell, it had 3 reels, a pay-out schedule, a coin acceptor and a large handle on its right side. In 1909, another inventor named Herbert Stephen Mill from Chicago added 10 more symbols to each reel and made it more mobile and space saving. This he called Mill's Liberty Bell. Its popularity grew that early on casinos were already holding their version of today's online slot tournaments.

Through the years the one-armed bandits as the mechanical models were called saw more changes. They became electronic. Then video slots debuted into the scene, both in land based casinos, online casinos for downloading and in no download flash casinos.

Today 7 reel slots can be played at Liberty Slots Casino.

7 Reel Slots features

First, there were 3, then came the 5s, and now the 7 reel slots. Technology has done so much in improving the game, like the number of 7 reel slots games a player can choose from where bets can go as high as $90 per spin for high rollers. This has made playing more enjoyable, especially in online slot tournaments. Players can even set the machine on autoplay where they command it to spin continuously, at whatever frequency, as well as other parameters they desire. Pay outs for 7 reel slots are normally higher than those of 3 and 5 reel slots but this relatively brings down its win amounts.

Best 7 Reel Slots - Farming Futures 7 Slots and Lucky Sevens Slots

Among the most popular of the 7 reel slots are Lucky Sevens Slots where the aim is to hit three 7s for the jackpot, and Farming Futures 7 Slots where the player looks for 3 Farmer Jimas in the pay-line to get the jackpot.

Lucky Sevens needs one coin to activate each of its 7 pay-lines. Coin sizes range from $0.50 to $10. Farming Futures, on the other hand, has 9 pay-lines and a maximum payout of 2,500 coins. Coin sizes also range from $0.50 to $10 and bets can go as high as $90. As you see there are many aspects that effect 7 reel slots. Which one is the best is really up to your choice. What we can do is to share our visitors opinion with you. Those 7 reel slots and 7 reel slots online casinos got the most positive feedbacks, so there is a good chance you may love 'em!