Tarzan: King OF The Jungle – Is Louder Than Ever

Ever since he first roared through the pages of Edgar Rice Burroughs novel in 1912, Tarzan has captured the attention of the world through scores of television shows, countless movies, comic book strips and more. And even today, the legend of Tarzan, continues to capture the imagination of countless people, through his brazen, unabashed and iconic prowess in his jungle environment. And while his legend lives again in theaters with a new movie in his honor, Tarzan is breaking new ground in the online casino world.

Recently, Microgaming has announced it has signed exclusive rights to bring this iconic legend to the online slot screens, via their agreement with Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. Slated to hit online casinos later this year, "Tarzan," slots will be available on both the mobile and desktop platforms. And by no means, will "Tarzan" be alone in his game. Fans can expect Tarzan's brazen friends such as Jane, Archimedes and several others. And above all, Microgaming will make sure that the legendary, deafening yell of Tarzan will be prominent throughout the online slot game.