King Tut's Treasure Slots

The Boy King Tutankhamen was said to have had one of the most lavish pyramids in Egypt with golden pieces and jewels galore. Do you dare test your luck and see if you can win some of King Tut's Treasure at on of the best online casino brands Liberty Slots US Casino? Download and Play King Tut's Treasure Slots right now!

King Tut's Treasure Slots Simple Fun

Developer Vegas Technology is well-known for their simple yet very entertaining slot machine games, and they live up to that reputation with King Tut's Treasure slots. Just like what they did with many of their other slot games, Wager Gaming Technology (former Vegas Technology) paired basic, almost cartoon-like icons to contrast with a rich and very detailed backdrop. It's a great visual effect that allows you to better focus on the spinning reels and on winning King Tut's Treasures!

This 3 reel simple slots game, with its single pay line and just three reels, dares to stand out from the more complicated five-reel, multiple pay line slots games that have become prevalent today. Because there's less possibilities for you to worry about, you can give more attention to the slots game at hand and the winnings at stake!

King Tut's Treasure Visually and Profitably Appealing

Overall, King Tut's Treasure does a great job of keeping the whole Egyptian pyramid theme throughout the game. Besides the aforementioned background, the icons are entertainingly colorful symbols that anyone would immediately associate with the mystic ancient Egypt. It's fairly easy to guess where the Camel, the Ankh, the Beetle, the Oasis, the Eye of Horus, the Sphinx, the Pyramid and the Sarcophagus Head all came from!

On the King Tut's Treasure slots game, you can bet from one to three coins and from $0.10 to $10. The Ankh, the Beetle and the Oasis make for fairly small payouts, multiplying your wagered coins by 4, 8 and 10, respectively. Getting three of the Eye of Horus, the Sphinx or the Pyramid is a bit more profitable, respectively multiplying your coins by 25, 50 and 100. Don't forget the humble Camel, who will give you a little something whenever and wherever he shows up. However, the real treasure lies with the Sarcophagus Head icon - King Tut himself.

King Tut will complete any combination if he falls on the pay line and will even double your winnings for that combination. If you get three King Tut symbols on the pay line with one, two or three coins, you'll win 500, 1000 or 2000 coins - a prize worthy of a pharaoh.

Where to Play King Tut's Treasure Slots

Try out this simple yet thrilling Egyptian-themed game for yourself. You never know, King Tut himself might personally hand you his prized treasures. You can find this game at the following casinos: LibertySlots Casino and LibertySlots Flash Casino.