Light Speed Slots

Light Speed Slots is a Real Time Gaming 3-reel, 1-payline slot which has an alien theme to it. The game has a loyalty multiplier feature with huge payouts. Unlike other classic RTG slots, Light Speed Slots has a fixed coin value of $0.25.

The Game Features

Light Speed Slots is a progressive slot that accepts a maximum of three coins. It is available in a play for fun and play for free mode. So, you can check out the slot and get the feel of it before you start wagering your money. On the top of the slot machine, you'd see flashing green lights. These lights are the Light Speed Meter. This meter increases every time a Light Speed symbol hits the payline. Every time you hit a winning combination, your payout is multiplied by the value of your Light Speed Meter and then the meter returns back to zero. This is the Light Speed Bonus Feature of the game.

The game's wild symbol is the Robot. This symbol can substitute for other symbols in the payline so that you'd form a winning combination. It also has a bonus symbol, the light speed symbol, which increases the Light Speed Meter provided you have placed the maximum bet. The game, however, does not have a wild multiplier or scatter symbols; and there is no Autoplay for this slot game.

To win the progressive jackpot, you need to get three Laser Gun symbols on the payline and the Light Speed Meter should reach level 7.

Playing the Game

The game will only start if the machine has credits on it. You do this by placing a bet or wager; but before you start making a bet, you would have to first choose the coin denomination that you prefer. You can keep on adding credits to the full balance of your casino account. Once you've chosen your coin denomination, you can then press the Bet One button if you would like to place a single coin bet. After which you would have to press the Spin button in order to trigger the machine to start spinning. If you can afford to place maximum coin wager, simply click on the Play 3 Credits button. A maximum wager is better if you would like to have a shot at winning the maximum payout. After the reels stop spinning and you hit a winning combination on the payline, you then win the game.

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