Orient Express Slots

Slot machine games are slowly being flooded with Oriental themes but considering the number of Western themes with this game type, it still accounts for only a few. Check out Oriental Express with its refreshing look and different symbols that make it special compared to other slot machine games you have seen before.

Where to play Orient Express Slots

This fantastic slot game is offered by many online casinos, but only at the best of them is Liberty Slots Casino where you can receive 100% up to $100 bonuses on your first deposit. This game is offered both Flash and download versions. We'd recommend you to download Orient Express to get full gambling experience.

Orient Express Slots game strategy

Orient Express uses 5 reels with up to 21 paylines to activate in one round. In rare cases when the game conks out, payouts are voided. But with many possible combinations, one may see several combinations but only one will be credited to your account. And mind you, we're talking about getting credit for the highest payout instead of the lower amount. If the winning combination should fall on an inactive payline, no payout is credited which makes it highly recommended that players activate all paylines possible because you'll never know when a winning combination is going to show on the reels.

It is so easy to start the game because what a player needs to do is hit on a few buttons here and there and everything's good to go. First few clicks are for determining the coin bet. The next few clicks are used to determine the paylines by clicking on the number of coin bets. Five coin bets will activate the first five paylines but not the last 16 paylines. If you prefer making 21 $10 coin bets for the round meaning playing all paylines, Bet Max does it all with one click of the mouse. Spinning the reels come automatically too for this option.

Orient Express Payout

The payout table is so easy to understand. Some symbols need only to show twice or thrice to get a corresponding payout. But of course, five symbols displayed on an activated payline will get the player the most payout anytime. See the exact multiplier for your coin bet for the following symbols: dragon, gong, monkey tree, tiger, money pouch, kung fu girl and junk boat. For example, take three symbols of the money tree on an activated payline and multiply your $4 coin bet to 20 which comes out as $80.

You must be wondering what a gong is or what a money tree looks like or how different a junk boat is from a regular boat. It's your chance to find out what they are and find more good things come out it while playing Orient Express.