Slot Machines with Bonus Rounds

As we are deep into the winter months, we thought it would be a fun idea for All Casino Slots to give you a blow by blow description of three of our favorite holiday slots as we play them in real time. We’ll start with Winter Wonderland Slots, followed by Cupid’s Arrow Slots, and ending with the Independence Day Slots - the beginning of a long hot summer. Sometimes, it’s just more fun to write as we play the slot game than to offer you a bunch of statistics the game may feature. So, sit back, relax, and read on to see just how much we can accumulate in an hour.

Winter Wonderland Slots

In this graphically stunning animated slot game, we are looking for the wilds, scatters, 15 free spins and the bonus round. Here we go! Those are not sleigh bells jingling folks, what you hear are the coins dropping with every win! 9 minutes and we hit the bonus round! We are on a ski slope and we have to pick a location for our skier to go. As he raced down the hill, he landed on our spot and turned into a snowman and we won $250. We have to pick another location. This time we won $250 and the snowman turned into a bright green large gift box! We are being asked to pick again. WOW! The second spot earned us $1250! Now we are being asked to trade the money for the gift box or keep it. We will trade. We walked away with $875. Not bad for 9 minutes work! This game is wild! We ask you to forget about “walking in a winter wonderful,” but run to Liberty Slots Casino and play Winter Wonderland Slots today!

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Cupid’s Arrow Slots

We are playing at bet max. Our aim, of course, is getting the wilds, free spins, and the Reel Deal bonus round. We also wouldn’t mind getting the 5 gold bars for $100,000! After the first 10 minutes of play, we won 15 free spins. On the 12th spin, we hit the bonus round. Here, we are taken to a second screen where we have to choose a gift box. The first one we opened contained $1920! The second one was a broken heart, and alas the bonus round ended. Between the free spins and the bonus round, we won over $5000! Don’t wait until February 14th to play this game – play Cupid’s Arrow Slots now at LibertySlotsCasino, and plan for a fantastic night on the town with your husband, wife, or partner!

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Independence Day Slots

Yes, we know, we are rushing the New Year along to July 4th playing Independence Day Slots. But we are on a roll, and want to continue our winning streak with a final bang and not a “fizzling” out! We are playing at bet max, $90 per spin. We are looking for the free spins, wilds, and bonus round. 4 Spins and we hit 3 Betsy Ross symbols for 10 free spins! We won $1500! We hit the free spins round again and won $860! Our fingers are a bit tired, so we chose Autoplay. Hey! We got the bonus round. On a second screen we are looking at 8 paintings of former Presidents. We chose Washington and won $500. We are now at another screen where 8 states are outlined. We have to pick one. We chose Washington, D.C. and won $150. Now another screen appeared showing us historic landmarks. We have to choose one. We chose Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, and won $150. Our total winning in the bonus round was a cool $800. Wait! Autoplay just stopped because we hit the bonus round again. This time we won $400! We really enjoyed this game and the symbols featured. We hope you enjoyed our little adventure in slot playing as much as we did, and invite you to play Independence Day Slots at Liberty Slots Online Casino!

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