Casino Slots are perhaps the most famous type of game you can find at a casino, mostly because they are the only real type of casino game that you will regularly find outside of a casino. Even the airports in Las Vegas have slot machines in them and that right there tells you just how amazing the casino slots are in relation to the whole casino model overall. In any case, before you play slot machines you may want to know something about slot machines you didn’t know before and we believe it may help you to choose the best casino slot machine you going to love.

Casino Slot Machine Types

There are a number of different types of slot machines, but for the most part they can be divided into three different categories - conventional slot machines, progressive slot machines and video slot machines. The latter two categories are not entirely mutually exclusive, but at the same time it is also important to understand just how easy it is to categorize slot machines in that way.

Conventional Slot Machines

Conventional slot machines are the one-armed bandits that you see all the time in movies. These are the machines that look like cash registers and that have the manual reels that actually spin themselves when you pull the arm. Lots of them, like High Rollers Slots, even look like the old fashion slot machines.

Progressive Slot Machines

Progressive slot machines are any slot machine that is not a conventional slot machine, but also not a video slot machine. Many progressive slots, like Treasure Trail Slots or Mega Money Mine Slots became a real hit in the last season and keep on growing.

What makes them progressive however is the fact that they have a progressive jackpot that continues to increase as more people play the slot machine. This is why some conventional and video slot machines will also be progressive slot machines, but for the most part you will find that progressive machines are neither conventional nor video in nature.

Video Slot Machines

Video slot machines are the new rage when it comes to slot machines and this is because they allow a lot of role playing and a lot of choice. The former comes from the fact that casino video slots can be modeled off different games such as Jolly Harbour Slots or Vegas Party Slots, but they can also be modeled after everyday things like the grocery store shopping that people do on a regular basis. The number of reels varies amongst video slot machines and for the most part all odd numbers 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots and 7 reel slots. This allows for extra variation, more ways to win, increased pay lines and ultimately more action and reward which is why most people tend to gravitate immediately towards video slots.

The Best Casino Slot Games Out There

While there are a number of different casino slot games out there on the market today, not all slot machine games are created equal. There are in fact a number of very good casino slot games and if you are looking for specific games to start your experience off with, these are some of the good slot games for you.

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