Microgaming Premieres Multi-Player Roulette

Making online gambling more like in casino gambling has always been a big part of the game offerings by Microgaming casinos . This new addition to the Live Dealer brand of Microgaming casino games really has the world of online gambling talking. Like all of the Live Dealer games the goal of the game is to have players play on the same machine with each other, just as it would be in a traditional casino setting. Each player is represented at the table by different colors of chips on the board, which each person gets to choose prior to the start of the game.

Quality Control

Online or Live Dealer roulette is just as exciting as the actual in person casino version of this classic game. The game itself is provided through streaming technology from the Microgaming system allowing for smooth video and high definition graphics that put you right at the table. Just like all other casino games these live dealer varieties are carefully monitored for player safety and security through eCOGRA or the e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance organization based out of London, England. As with many of the best games the multi-player roulette game uses a precision reading technology that eliminates any possibility of human error during the game.

Action At The Table

As with the Live Dealer games including blackjack and Baccarat the players at the table actually can use the various buttons on the screen to see different aspects of the game. It is possible for players to look at where others are wagering, an important consideration for many serious roulette players. As with all online games information is provided as to the wager, winning amounts and prior bets placed and won or lost. Great detail in the streaming video has provided the perfect option for creating a very real game which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home and computer.

Popularity On The Rise

As more and more seasoned and brand new online gamblers try out the new multi-player roulette game the popularity of this casino game continues to increase. The games are available literally every day of the year, every minute of the day. With a click of the mouse you can be enjoying a very sophisticated game that really will have you enjoying the full in house casino experience. If you haven't tried it out yet be sure to do so at your earliest convenience.