Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold

Texas Hold'em has achieved huge popularity over the past few years so perhaps it was only time before games were developed to capitalise on this rise to fame. Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold is a highly innovative game which bridges the gap between a classic table game, where you play against fellow players and a three card poker game where you play against a dealer. Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold is available to play now at Betway Casino.

Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold is based on the original Texas Hold'em Poker game and uses the Las Vegas Rules. A deck of 52 cards are used and the only difference is that no bet is allowed after the river. The graphics are superb and have the look and feel of an online game of blackjack or three card poker, realistic sound effects and background music add to the casino atmosphere.

During each game you are dealt two hole cards and then five community cards, betting occurs after each round except the river. Betting ranges from one dollar through to a maximum of two hundred dollars. The bonus side game offers you odds of up to 1000-1 which you'll receive if you and the deal both hold a pair of aces as your hole cards.

It's not often that a completely new game is introduced to the online gaming scene, now is one of those special moments. Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold is completely unique and arrives on the scene utilising the latest technology and even improving on the 'gaming realism' we experience in other table games. The opportunity to be one of the first to experience this exceptional game should not be missed!