Haunted House Slots

Things that go bump in the night and haunted houses have entertained young and old for decades, many people love the adrenalin rush of being scared out of their wits. The movie industry has made billions out of this type of themed films, and a haunted house slots game is no exception, it has that hauntingly eerie feel about it, then graphics are indeed very topical for this type of themed slots game, the background has that feel of Halloween, the graphics are hauntingly realistic and the music is eerily moody that is reminiscent of things that go bump in the night. When it hits a winning combination you will hear a howling squawk in the background. The background graphic has a witch on a broomstick, and Dracula dripping blood from his fangs, with mystical creatures peering at you in the background.

Frighteningly good fun

This is a traditional slots game with three reels and only five paylines, but those paylines give you five extra chances to win. You can decide to activate one or all five of the paylines choosing coin ranging from 2c, 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c, $1, $2, $5, $10, and up to $20, to stand in line for the top awards you need to have at least 5 coins on up to the maximum bet of $100.

You need not be afraid of the symbols although they are typical of this horror theme, appearing on the reels with various payouts are candles, a golden cup, the dagger, coffins, a cross to deal with the evil, and plenty of Garlic to ward off the strange happenings on the reels, however, you need to encourage those garlic icons as they are the ones the pay the highest payouts and certainly protect you from those nasty vampires who are after you blood.

Is it the aroma or the properties of Garlic that does the trick

If you have bet max up to $20 and get three garlics on the fifth payline you payout will be 1,800 coins, when you convert that to real money it is a nice tidy sum of $36,000. Get three of these trusty garlics on the fourth payline and the payout is still a neat 1,600 coins or $32.00, and get three garlics on the third payline 1,400 coins drop into your account giving a still pretty tidy amount of $29,000.

Apart from Garlic the other symbols also offer various payouts across the three reels the paytable is prominently displayed above the reel for easy viewing, you will soon see how they payouts work.

The game is really quite simple with not bonus, wilds and scatters to distract you although it does have an autoplay feature, on the bottom of the game is a menu button choose autopay, it is default set at 10 spins but you can change the number of spins but clicking on the + or - button then click on the arrot to start the autoplay , When it has completed its set number of spins you will be asked if you want to repeat the autoplay or not.

All round this game is fun and enjoyable, download the software or play for free to see how the game plays.