Ocean Princess Slots

Get ready to be swept away on a sweeping tidal wave of wonderful wins with the charming Ocean Princess and her pretty little friends from the deep blue sea in this fantastic game, Ocean Princess slots!

Gorgeous sea creatures

With software that is user-friendly and visually pleasing graphics, this is a great game to play. It is an easy to play slot game that is based on the stunning sea theme of a lovely Ocean Princess – half-human, half-fish – you guessed it - this delightful creature is actually a mermaid! In keeping with the oceanic theme, the symbols in this game consist of crabs, starfish, sea horses and anchors which come in a variety of bright colours to help increase your powers of concentration so that you can win, win, win!

Ride the waves with the multi-spin feature

Basically this 3-reel slot game has 1 payline, but this does not mean you will rake in small wins. The marvellous multi-spin feature allows you to play a number of reels at the same time. Another fantastic feature of this entertaining slot game is the hold feature which is normally only found in fruit machine slot games. The hold feature works like this: the first time you click on ‘spin’, the only reel to spin will be the bottom one. When this reel stops spinning, you can select 1 or up to 3 reels to keep on hold. The symbols on hold at the bottom will appear vertically on all the 3 reels, then you can spin once again. As you can imagine, this will greatly increase your chances of winning.

Crown it all off with a ‘jammin’ jackpot

The Ocean Princess game also has a jackpot consisting of 3 crowns, which, when they are featured on one of the pay lines, will result in a 1,000 coin payout. Sounds like you are ready to dive in to the game, but wait there is one more symbol you need to know about!

Tantalising turtles

Even though turtles are characteristically known as slow and not very friendly creatures, today you will see turtles in a different light, because in this game a turtle will get you a guaranteed payout. Even though this is the lowest payout on the payout schedule you will get more for three turtles.

All the symbols have a payout of one to three depending on how many coins you have wagered. Check the paytable for the various win for each symbol.

Gold Crowns Gone Wild

You have not yet heard about the wild symbol in this game, which is a Gold Crown with the word wild on it. Wild symbols substitute for the other symbols and create interesting winning combinations. If you get three wild symbols you will be paid out 1,000 coins.

So there you have it – the Ocean Princess Slot Game! Put on your swimming goggles and diving suit and join the Ocean Princess in her super-duper sea-bound adventures! The underworld under the sea has to many interesting treasures you don’t want to miss out. Download the software and fund your account for a chance to play and win on this Ocean Princess Slots game.