Magic Slots

The mysteries of magic are like a magnet to most people, don’t be fooled by sleight of hand and other strange happening on a magic show, this game is quite straight forward with a few extras to make it more interesting. The prominent paytable above the single payline gives you all the payouts of each of the magic symbols.

Where you play from

On the three reels and single payline it does not matter where you play this game online, you are offered a choice of coin denominations from US Dollars, Euros, Great Britain Pounds, South African Rands and other choices from SGD, CNY, PEN, MYR AND RUB. Each time you add a coin you increase your bet size from .25 up to 5.00 coins, it makes no different to the chosen coin denomination as the value stays the same. You can wager up to three coins on the single payline to a max bet of 15.00 coin value.

Straight forward no nonsense play

The Magic slots slots game is a classic which is loved by many people of slots. Getting three hat and gloves symbols depends on the number of coins you have bet, if you have bet 1 coin then you will receive 1,000 coins payout, betting 2 coins and the payout increases to 2,000 coins, and 3 coins and you hit the Jackpot!. Three diamond rings with one coin bet will payout 500 coins, 2 coins bet will payout 1,000 coins and 3 coins bet will payout 1,500.

Three dice and three bars symbols bet with one coin pays out 200 coins, bet with two coins pays out 400 coins and bet with three coins pays out 600 coins. Two bar symbols with one coin bet pays out 100 coins, 2 coins bet pays out 200 coins and 3 coins bet will payout 300 coins. The one bar symbol with one coin bet pays out 50 coins, and 2 coins bet payout 100 coins and 3 coin bet payout 150 coins. If you get any three bar symbols or three dice symbols for one coin it will pay out 10 coins, 2 coin bet will payout 20 coins and 3 coin bet will payout 30 coins the single dice symbol will payout 2, 4 and 6 coins depending on the coins bet.

Progressive jackpot is one of the aims of the game

The progressive jackpot pool increases by a percentage of the wagers made by players; you can see the size of the progressive jackpot displayed on the scroll bar displayed at the bottom of the screen. To win the progressive jackpot you need to have bet max bet of three coins on the payline and then get three of the hat and gloves symbol on the payline. Once the progressive has been won it resets to the minimum and will then start growing again as players wager money.

Wave the magic wand to play the bonus game

Once again to participate in the bonus game you need to bet max of three coins on the payline then get three magic wands to trigger the bonus game, you will then be presented with four hats of which you need to select one which will give you the value of your bonus prize.

If you would like to put the machine on auto pilot you can do that with the autoplay feature, sit back after you have set your options for autoplay and enjoy watching the wins magic before your eyes, don’t like the sound of the game then change them in the options section, you can also adjust the speed of play at that same options feature.

Magic begins when you open an account, fund the account then choose Magic Slots Slots and play. Download today and have a magically wonderful time.