Neptune's Kingdom Slots

King Neptune lives in the sea and rules a kingdom of fish and other interesting marine life. The world of the sea is mysterious but this slots game takes the mystery out of the sea and puts it into a slots game of note. Excellent graphics and sounds make this game enticing and the biggest fun is in the winning. The background offers a underworld feel of being deep under the sea.

Go down to the depths and place your bets

This classic three reels and nice comfortable five paylines, give enough excitement to keep you spinning those reels. Placing one coin on each paylines is always good strategy as any lines not activated and if a win lands on them you lose. 5 paylines is not that hard to cover with a minimum of 5 cents across the five paylines is just a small wager of 25c you can increase the bet size up to $5 per line giving you a medium wager of $25 per spin.

The ocean theme is well represented on the reels with symbols that rell help you get the feel of the game, with that delectable mermaid, eery sailer dreams of meeting a mermaid. Watch out for those pincers that the lobster does not pinch you, the fish are attractive in yellow and blue, and not forgetting king Neptune’s Trident which helps him rule his kingdom, and every sailor and his mate dreams of that treasure chest.

Check your paytables to calculate the wins

Getting three mermaids on the reels gives you a win of fifty coins, the trident fork for three of them offers forty coins, three blue fish offers thirty coins, three lobsters will give you twenty five coins and three yellow fish will give you twenty coins.

This game as no wilds or scatters to distract you, the payouts are simple and neat, three treasure chests on payline one gives you 100 coins, three treasure chests on payline two gives you 110 coins, three treasure chests on payline three gives your 120 coins, three treasure chests on payline four gives your 130 coins and the largest payout is for three treasure chests on payline five giving you 150 coins.

Change your setting to suit your mood

In the game options section you are able to customize many of the settings, you have the option of changing the sounds to one you might enjoy more, and you can regulate the speed of the game and set the game to autoplay while you get that coffee and biscuit. Autoplay is a great feature as you can sit back, relax and watch the machine play for you, automatically adding all the wins to your account.

To get those waves crashing and the bubbles popping you need to play so download now and start playing Neptune’s Kingdom slots.