Party Line Slots

Get ready to party in grand old Vegas style with the Party Line slots game! The whole game is bright and colorful, with a party theme that just get better the more you play.

Music to a beginner’s ears

Weird but colorful glasses which kind of resemble upside-down party hats, pretty striped party hats and melodious music all set the tone for this really simple game which anyone can master after playing a few times. This is a great game for both novices and experienced players.

Fill up your glasses, it’s time for a toast!

If you get a combination of any 3 glasses – they do not even have to match – you will receive 5 coins. A combination of 3 matching yellow glasses will bring you 20 coins. If you get three blue glasses, this amount will be doubled to 40 coins. If you get 3 red glasses, this will bring you a sizzling sum of 60 coins. So you see, it’s all in the color – the higher you go in the rainbow, the greater the pot waiting at the end of it just for you!

Let’s party!

Party line is so, so, so easy to play. In this standard 3-reel slot game, you can bet 1, 2 or 3 coins at each turn, with betting denominations ranging from .05 up to 5. So if you select 5, your maximum bet at each spin will be a total of 15. Payouts are dependent on the amount of coins bet, so its always best to try bet three coins if you want the maximum payout. When you make a bet at the maximum level, the highest payout you will receive is a heady 4,000 coins.

Rock to the music

Every time you spin, a catchy party tune plays which will put you in the mood for dancing. And dancing will never be complete without music. So this game gives you a fun combination of modern and old-fashioned to jazz up your fun little party. It goes like this: a line-up of 3 matching stereos will bring you a win of 100 coins; get 3 keyboards together and you will receive a win of 250 coins while 3 soulful saxophones will win you 500 coins…but wait for it! A colorful combination of 3 jolly striped special party hats will bring you a tidy sum of 1,200 coins. Fantastically, 4,000 coins will be returned on an initial bet at the maximum amount. It just keeps on getting better, as every party should!

Simplicity is the key to this game which is so easy to learn and will keep you coming back for more! Let the good times roll! Download the software, open you account and start partying up a storm.