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This slot is modeled on one of the biggest global sporting events the world has to offer. The fact that an entire planet has come together to take part is incredible enough and that a state of the art slot game has managed to capture some of the spirit of the gaming entertainment is just as magical. Entering the game you are shown right into the Olympic stadium where representatives from all countries are capturing the moment with their cameras and a fireworks display mirrors the emotional high and true excitement.

Perfection is in how you play your game

Get on with the game and start off by clicking ‘all lines’, this instantly activates all of the 25 paylines. Each line is a chance at a win. All winning combinations on active lines count towards your balance. Each line in turn can have an additional 9 coins added making that a total of 10 coins wagered on all active lines. The value of the coin is the determining factor when it comes to the actual bet size. You can set this from as low as 1c to as high as $5 per coin.

So starting from the bottom placing one coin on each of the 25 lines and keeping the coin size down to its minimum of 1c and there you have a minimum wager of just 25c. Great for budget players or those who are just interested in stretching their game play. For high rollers this slot has a special surprise for you. You can play the top coin value of $5 and top up all lines with 10 coins and you have a max bet of $1250 per spin.

Aligning those bonus symbols is no easy task, there are only two and you need both on the reels for free games. Free games are the way to really get ahead in the game of slots machines. So to increase your odds at getting that glorious prize, lower the stakes and pace yourself. You can close that gap the more time you spend on the reels.

First class events

The golden games gold medal is the wild symbol and plays the substitute role for all other regular symbols on the reels. Winning the gold in an international sporting event is both rare and valuable and so too is this symbol. If you can line up 5 of these beauties on the same line you can take the glory home in the form of 10 000 coins. Remember that this payout is for each coin bet on the winning line, so get out your calculator, 10 coins per line at a coin size of $5 is $500 000, worthy of a world champion!

Your scatter icon is the discus thrower. Paying scattered wins it starts by paying your bet back to you with just two scattered on the screen. Five of these symbols falling anywhere on the reels will multiply your total bet by 250 times to give you another sterling win. Take for example your bet of $10 per spin will give you a $2500 prize before you can even hit the finish line.

The eternal flame that burns right the way through the event is the one that keeps the fire burning inside hundreds of competitors over the whole world. This traditional symbol is the bonus symbol that takes special preference to the very first and very last reel. When you have two flames on the reels you are rewarded with some games on the house.

Play your game just right and you can win the gold

The bonus round is presented to you in the form of free spins. The bet settings from the spins are taken from your settings from your regular play so this is where you may need to flip a coin between betting low and adding more to your game play, or betting higher and in that way reap bigger rewards from the free games.

You get to take home 20 games on the house if you are able to line up the flaming Olympic torch on both reels 1 and 5 in the same spin. All of the winnings accumulated from the free spins are doubled and then packed onto your balance to give you the strength to continue on another round of betting.

Feeling lucky? I mean, really lucky? One click and you can double what you have just won. The gamble option is active after each win and will take you back to the packed stadium where the crowd cheers you on. Your Golden Games card is lying face down and all you need to do is predict if it is black or red by clicking on the corresponding button to the left or right of this card. As you keep choosing the correct color your winnings can be doubled infinitely until you click collect at the bottom of the screen. But watch out, choose incorrectly and you forfeit your winnings. Best gamble strategy is to gamble the smaller wins and hold onto the larger ones.

Play the games to win

A world class event has been perfectly brought to you by world class gaming software. See the limelight and be in the limelight, all you need is to download casino software and you can be in for a life changing surprise.