Pace Lap Slots

If you have never heard of Pace Lap are not alone...this is a new slot game that has five reels and 21 pay lines. You can win as many as 20 free spins when you play this slot game. This slot game is ideal for players that love auto racing and events such as NASCAR since this is the theme of the game. This is a well liked and much sought after theme for many folks.

Nothing more fun than a day at the races!

Everything about Pace Lap slots will make you feel like you are at the races! The graphics and the symbols are all in line with the theme. Plus, the backdrop of the game is that of a steering wheel and a speedometer. The colors are brilliant and exciting to say the least! Just decide on how much you would like to wager and get the ball rolling in this fast paced action slot game! The symbols in this slot game are what one might expect such as components of the dash of a car and then the high standard playing cards as Ace through Ten.

Bet Max for bigger wins!

Pace Lap slots allows you the Bet Max option if you decide to go for the gusto! Remember ...the more you wager and the more lines that you play...the better your chances are at winning big! When you activate the Bet Max option...all 21 lines and reels will start spinning. Otherwise...just simply click your chosen coin value that you want to play with. These are located on the bottom right side of the machine. Click spin and you are on your way!

Keep an eye on that Pay Table!

Pay close attention to the pay table so you know what is going on and what you are about to win! On the pay the will see the amount of hits that it takes to win each individual prize. You accumulate hits by getting the same symbol without interruptions starting from the left side of the reels. You will know that this is it because the lines will be highlighted in various colors to stand out from the rest.

Pace Lap slots is surely one that you will not want to miss out on! You are only a simple download away from fast action and big wins! What a way to spend the day!