Greatest Odyssey Slots

Step into the future and watch as a tale of a hero’s underwater adventure unfolds. The animations and footage start from the very first second as you open up the game and enter the submarine. The background details are meticulous as are the background sounds of bubbling and gurgling. The Greatest Odyssey, besides being well animated has a progressive game that can be played simultaneously giving you a shot at a fixed jackpot of up to $250,000 as well as an ever growing progressive which blows over on average every two weeks.

In addition to their bright colors, the graphics are futuristic and mainly symbolic with a stylized cartoon effect with is effectively set on a backdrop of the platinum styled mechanics of a massive underwater machine.

The workings of the underwater sea machine

The 25 lines in this slot are your 25 shots at a winning combination. All lines are automatically enabled so that all wins on all lines are paid. You can deactivate lines starting from the top, but the best strategy is to leave them that way. Penny slot players will love this one because it only costs 25c to cover all paylines with a single coin. And on the other end of the spectrum so too will high rollers and even mega high rollers with a maximum possible bet of $1,250, no one is excluded from the action down under.

One of the two variables that set the bet between the two extremes are the value of the coin. This can be increased from 1c to $5. The second variable is the amount of coins you place on each line which can shoot up to 10 coins a line.

You lose nothing if you choose to keep your bet low; you are still eligible for both bonus rounds and also for the progressive jackpot since this is attached to a side game operated separately. All that happens is that while bets are smaller, so too are wins. A smaller bank roll will benefit by keeping bets low while inching your way towards bonus rounds.

Meet your crew members

The red octopus is the wild symbol and is not only the substitute when looking to form winning combinations but also is the jackpot symbol. Catching five of these wriggly guys will earn you 5,000 coins. To work out your prize multiply the coins by your line bet.

The lady with the purple hair, peering through the sub’s brass porthole, is one of the two scatter symbols and she will lead you into an underwater lab to play the Greatest Odyssey Bonus Game when three of these icons are scattered on the screen. The other scatter symbol is the book of treasure; you need a minimum of three to get your 10 lucky spins. The more you have on the screen in the same spin the greater the multiplier.

While most of the other icons are symbolic you will recognize the diver and the television with antennae and loudspeaker for communication with the world above.

Play for extra cash

Discovering the underwater laboratory has many rewards. In the blue glow from the sea the 10 objects are brightly colored and un-identifiable and produce their own rainbow-like glow. You can select three of them to take with you and claim their value.

The second scatter, the treasure book has opened with three on the screen and rewards you with 10 Lucky Spins. The takings from your next spins will be multiplied based on how many treasure books you landed on that spin. Three books and the treasure is doubled, four of these scatter icons and expect the winnings to be multiplied by 10 and if this is your lucky day landing you 5 treasure books, one on each reel all in one go you can count on getting your wins back 25 times over.

Since you are not playing a progressive slot how would you like to still be eligible to win a progressive jackpot? This game has a neat side game tucked away at the top of the screen that is completely separate to the main video slot but fully synchronized. For just an additional $1 per spin you are entered into the Dollar Ball lottery. Click the enable button and select 5 numbers between 1 and 49. Each time the reels spin a new lottery draw takes place. Each of the 5 balls in the draw corresponds with each of the 5 reels. While the reels click into place, so too does each ball. The jackpot amount is shown in red numbers at the top of the screen so you know what you are playing for. All you need to do to take home that cash is match all 5 numbers, matching 4 will give you a percentage of the pot. Sit back and relax and let the reels turn with the nifty autoplay option. One shy of 10,000 spins can be set. You can even preset it to stop when it hits the jackpot or when your balance gets too low.

Leap on board, we are going down!

If travel and adventure is your style and you believe that if instead of just scratching the surface you look into the depths of the ocean, there you will find the treasures that you have been searching for, download the software and register your account to book your place on this massive sub and hit gold.