8 Ball Slots

It’s about time that someone incorporated the game of pool into a slots game. Unlike the multi-player offline version this computerized game has all the balls that we recognize but works just like a slot machine. The game is easy to understand, all you need to do is line up three of a kind to win. Perfect for beginners there are no other complicating factors. Keeping with the simplistic style, these software developers have also made sure that each time the reels stop that the symbols fall on the payline and there are no blanks, always three balls on the payline. The graphics are really great, the game has been modeled into a retro style slot machine that resembles a juke box but without all the lights. It is colorful and bright and a 2000 coin jackpot makes for a reel attraction.

Like playing pool and slots all at the same time

There is only one payline and this payline takes two coins. The pay table at the top of the reels is split in two. The left hand side shows the winning amounts for one coin while the right hand side shows the payout for both coins. Looking carefully it is clear that betting one coin pays out exactly half so playing both coins is not always essential. Doubling up your bets can just help you to win faster if your balance allows it. But there is no need to rush, patience always pays off.

The value of your coin is what determines the jackpot which at the highest coin size can be as much as $10 000 when you set it to $5. The lowest coin size is 5c and you can play each spin at just 5c and cash in a $50 top prize. When the only aim of this game is to sneak off with $10 000 a bet of $10 hardly seems like a bad idea.

Stripes or solids?

The 8 ball is your most valuable ball on the pool table and on the reels. In pool, lining up this ball wins you the game and makes you the hero. Here at the slots the principle is the same. Line up three 8 balls in a row and the jackpot is yours, but the game is not over yet, you can keep spinning for even more wins.

The rest of the symbols are all balls taken right off the pool table. You need to align three of the same color and number balls to get the cash. Or line up three stripes of three solids in a row and the reward, though on the lower end of the scale, will keep you in the game.

A shot at the 8 ball

Line up the balls to sink the black and keep coming back for more fun and games. They were certainly telling the truth when they said they have a little something for everyone so now is the time to put them to the test. Download the casino software and come rolling in to play the game today.