Happy Bugs Slots

It’s a bug’s life! To lie in the sun and enjoy cool showers, food in abundance, these little critters have the easy life and they know it. They have unpacked the cooler box and are chilling on the lawn, lazing on the couches sipping on ice cold beers, all they have to do is make sure they don’t get under anyone’s feet. Not only are these bugs hilarious as they sit but their animations are unexpected and clearly shows their love of beer, the golden liquid. Even the ladybug can’t resist diving in and taking a splash.

Hidden in the grass and the bushes and right near the lake

This game has 20 paylines across the 5 reels ensuring that each contains a symbol from each reel. This is 20 shots to win in one go. All you need to do to cash in on your 20 shots is to make sure that all lines are active by placing one coin down on each. Once you are done and want to increase your bet you can add up to 10 coins a line. This increases your line bet and not to be confused with your total bet, your coin wins are multiplied by your line bet.

For those starting off small you can use the smallest coin size of 1c and one coin per line on all lines and 20c is all it is going to take to spin. Your wins are proportional and even the jackpot will pay $100. If you feel like pushing up the temperature a little you can vary your coin size up to $5. High roller heaven this max bet of $1,000 per spin pays out a $500,000 jackpot.

This slot has both free spins and a bonus round that you will definitely not want to miss out on. By keeping the betting lower you have a better than even chance of getting to play. Although the win will be smaller you will have longer runs of entertainment and as you find your pocket getting heavier you can increase or decrease the bet as you the desire takes you.

Meet the gang

The 6-pack of beers is the wild symbol and will stand in for any of the regular symbols on the reels to slide a couple of extra wins into your balance. A rare and very valuable treat is this, if you are lucky enough to collect five on the same payline you are paid the ultimate reward of 10,000 coins. Coin wins are multiplied by the line bet, something to watch out for when setting up your bet.

A daisy has many uses besides shelter from the sweltering sun. A sign of fertile soil, it also pays scattered wins. Without adhering to the paylines the daisy pays back your entire wager for as little as two on the screen but get five of these white flowers and you have your bet multiplied by 500 and added to your bank roll. Even four daisies, a multiplication of 100 times your bet, is a sign of the really good life! Get at least three of these delightful icons and it also triggers 12 free spins in addition to the scatter wins.

The enjoyment of lazing on the couch is not to be underestimated! The plush red miniature couch found in-between the blades of grass is the bonus symbol. Just three on the same payline will set off the bonus round but the more symbols you get in a row the more your overall takings from the bonus round are multiplied. Four couches will reward you the bonus plus multiply your wins by 5 or lucky enough to get all five and your multiplier shoots all the way up to 27 times!

No formal introductions necessary, you will find on the reels the fat caterpillar, a victim of very good living, the ladybug who looks very much like a man and then there is even the cockroach whose expression is most comical probably since scaring all the inhabitants of the house.

Come on, have a beer on us!

Why not help yourself to some complementary spins? Get three daisies anywhere on the screen and you have just won 12 free spins. All the winnings that you collect during the free round are multiplied by three times. If you get daisies during this round even more spins are added to what is left and you can be sure to pocket a great win.

The Beer Bonus Round is plenty of fun! The animations are very entertaining and while you get to enjoy the lazy bugs as they inhabit the plush couch you also get to have a few mugs of beer yourself. As you glug them down you will find some cash stashed underneath them. Drink just the right beer and you could be off for round two traveling through the daisies with your hosts, the bugs. Choose a daisy to have your wins multiplied over and above!

So you think you can do better? Each win can be doubled with the gamble feature. Take your spot in the long grass and take a guess at the color of the concealed playing card. If you guess right your win will be doubled, if not, you lose it to the bugs. There is a 50/50 chance of getting it right and if you do guess correctly you get yet another chance to double your already doubled wins!

Are you not playing yet?

What fabulous hosts these little creatures are and they really know how to have fun and entertain all at the same time. For some ice cold beers on a sunny day download the software and get playing with the Happy Bugs.