Gold Coast Slots

Prepare for a luxury excursion that has the possibility of paying off very nicely. Rows of Hibiscus Flowers and a Golden Coastline will pave the way for your full scale and money grabbing experience. Gold Coast slots can offer you just that. This slot game offers three reels and five pay lines which adds convenience to your gaming experience.

Gold Coast Slots Symbols

The symbols used in Gold Coast slots are in sync with the theme of the game. Your Wild Symbol is the Gold Coast symbol means it can be swapped for any other symbol to create a winning slots pay line. Wild symbols make it a lot easier for you to win some cash. Three Gold Coast symbols on an enabled pay line get you the big jackpot. The size of your winnings depends on which pay line they appear on. If the three Gold Coast symbols appear on the fifth pay line, you win 6,000 coins. You definitely want to see the Hibiscus Flower since you only need one to win but if you get more than one your winnings will surely increase. Other symbols include the single, double, and triple bars, and the number 7. If they are lined up properly they will pay out handsomely.

Gold Coast Slots Coin Values

Coin values ranging from a quarter to $5 are used in Gold Coast slots and you can play up to five coins. Every coin you wager enables another pay line, up to the maximum five pay lines. The best suggestion is to bet five coins and enable all five pay lines. Bet five smaller coins instead of fewer larger coins.

Gold Coast Slots Added Features

You can play the Gold Coast slot machine with a no deposit bonus which is just like you are playing as a genuine casino player so you can enjoy the same features and payouts as depositing players. Gold Coast offers Expert Play slot machine mode with an auto-play feature.