Magical Forest Slot Machine

Online slot machines have just taken a dramatic turn with regards to graphics and presentation. Magical Forest Slots by 888Casino has just become the first true 3D gambling experience online. Playing the game while wearing the special 3D glasses seems to put you in the screen, experiencing all the movement and excitement that comes along with 3D graphics. The colors, animation and sound effects really make this a terrific game for anyone that loves online slot play.

Downloading the Game

As simple as any Bovada Casino download or download from any other online casino, the game requires 3D glasses for full effects but you can play without the glasses in a 2D mode as well. The game can be played in demo mode without a full download, giving players a chance to see the great graphics, nature theme and magical items that are included in the game itself.

Playing the Game

Magical Forest slots is a three reel five payline slot game. The controls for wagering are built into the bottom of the screen and control the lines selected, total bet and the bet amount, all which can be adjusted by the gambler. If you play in 3D mode the entire enchanted forest background adds to the game as the butterflies slowly fly by and the beautiful colors come alive.

Symbols of Magic

The two most important symbols to watch for in the game are the emerald ring and the colorful enchanted mushrooms. Three mushrooms on a payline provides the highest payout while an emerald ring is the key to hitting the jackpot. One emerald ring on a payline provides five times the winnings while two multiplies your winnings by twenty five times. Three rings in any direction on a payline multiplies the bet by 1600, 3200, 4800, 6400 or a massive 9000 times. Bars which look like logs and cherries also provide winning combinations.

A New Experience

If you enjoy online slot action you won't want to miss trying out the new 3D experienced offered with Magical Forest Slots. Of course you can also stay with your favorite fruit slots or even try out a sports themed game like Field of Green slots. Regardless of your previous gaming experience you will be amazed with the detail provided on the 3D game, which will definitely make it to your list of favorites once you give it a spin.