Jungle Boogie Slots

Jungle Boogie Slots has the look of a very old ornate slots machine, with bright colorful graphics, with a Jungle theme, the playtable above the reels are decorated with tropical palms, colorful tiger and red parrot give it extra color. The paytable consists of three column with various generous amount of payouts. The game opens with an enchanting tune to get you in the mood, as the game progresses jungle background sounds accompany your play.

This game is one of those classic three reel and single payline slots games, a nice change of simplicity after some of those games with so many confusing features, there is very little to distract you from the main purpose of the game, that is winning and finding winning combinations.

Play Jungle Boogie and find the fun

On the single payline you are able to bet from one, two or three coins per reel, with a wide range of coin denominations starting from five cents, ten cents, twenty five cents, fifty cents, one dollar, two dollar and five dollar. One neat little bonus is each time a fish appears on the reels you will have two coins returned of the value of your bet.

Animals dominate the paytable

The tigers of the jungle are scary creatures in the normal sense of the word, but on this game they are very welcome as they pay top dollar. If you have wagered three coins at max bet you can receive a jackpot of 4,000 coins if you get three on the reels, if you have only wagered two coins then you get 2,000 coins return, and wagering one coins you receive 1,000 coins. The baboons offer for three of them on the reels, bet 3 coins are you are paid 1,500, 2 coins bet for 1,000 coins and 1 coin bet your reward is 500 coins, the colorful parrot will squawk 600 coins for three coin bet, 400 coins for a 2 coins bet, and 200 coins for a 1 coin bet. The cheeky monkey loves giving 300 coins for a 3 coin bet, 200 coins for a 2 coin be, an 100 coins for a coin bet. Leopard, 2 fish and a single fish offer their various payouts depending one if you bet one, two or three coins.

The game is simple to play, ideal for the beginner but some experienced players love the classic three reel and one line slots games. For the amount of money wagered it offers some nice rewards for just spinning the reels Download the software and fund your account today and get into the jungle and boogie to your heart’s content.