TV Offer

Have you ever seen a commercial that you just enjoy so much, you don't mind seeing it over and over? Well, you are in for a treat. One of the most ingenuous commercials ever put on air is being offered by Ladbrokes Casino as part of their "Exclusive Casino TV Offer."

Imagine, if you will, playing hide and seek with a giant "Sifaka Lemur?" This commercial opens with the Lemur counting to 100 while a man is running through the streets of a city trying to find a place to hide. Of course, he is found; but there is a surprise ending.

As the announcer states, "Don't hide from thrills - seek them out at," the man who was hiding from the Lemur puts his hands over his eyes and begins counting to 100. This is a fabulously funny TV ad, and not one you will soon forget.

Moreover, once you see this commercial you will understand why the Lemur is called a "giant" Sifaka Lemur. These lemurs are from Madagascar and are very well known for their vocal talents. According to one source, "A Lemur's sound ranges from the grunts and swears of brown lemurs and Sifaka to the chirps of mouse lemurs to the eerie, wailing call of the indri, which has been likened to a cross between a police siren and the song of a humpback whale."

What is the TV offer? You can claim an exclusive £25 worth of chips free from This offer is good to all new members who reside in the UK and Ireland, and there is no deposit required. The offer is good until June 30, 2009.

What do you have to do to claim your chips? First, register at; second, provide them with a credit card details; third, give them your email address and "Ladbrokes username" to the claim form provided; and fourth; once you have received confirmation, you can log into your account and play.

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So what are you waiting for? Go online to and click on the TV offer today.

By the way, you can watch the TV commercial on Ladbrokes website as much as you like. Quite honestly, you will laugh yourself silly. In the world of TV advertising, has taken top prize!

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