Goblin Cave Slots

Goblins, known for their plundering of the old castles and their very special knack for mining up more gold and storing it all deep underground, have released a slot where they are prepared to share some of the spoils from days gone by. Probably because he never sees the light of day, the old goblin responsible for turning the great wheel is always in his pajamas which are so old and tattered by now that his toe is sticking through his old and battered slipper. The sound effects are much like the workings of the old mine contraptions with their creaking echoing through the underground. With all the dim light down there, this old goblin has also resorted to wearing glasses though they probably don’t help very much anymore.

Plundering old and forgotten treasures takes some careful planning

A very different kind of fun and a very interesting game to play (click here to start playing Goblin Cave Slots); you can start off by looking at the paytable. The aim of the game is to get three of a kind in a row. When you click spin only the bottom row of symbols appears. Below each of the reels is a hold button. Clicking that button will replicate the symbols up the entire reel. When you click spin again the un-held reels spin and you are guaranteed then that each payline will hold an icon that from the reel you held.

The wild symbol automatically replicates up through all paylines and in much the same way a winning combination at the bottom triplicates all the way up filling the reels and all paylines with wins. Unless you are unhappy with this fortunate event all you need to do is click spin and your prize is paid in an instant. Clicking hold undoes this and all reels are spun again.

Now remember, that the more valuable a symbol is the less common so deciding to hold one of the top value symbols has a greater risk that you may get three of a kind but then again the reward is greater. This is just one strategy in this game. The other strategy is looking for smaller more consistent wins. In this way you will be holding reels with lower value symbols in the greater hope of getting something small paid out. Holding a reel is not even compulsory, you can spin again for a full brand new screen of symbols hoping for a better outcome.

The wild icons are top of the list and pay out the jackpot of 150 coins, as the top symbol they pay out for even one or two on the same line. The next most valuable items on the list are of course the crowns! There are three different types with varying values but a collection of three crowns also pays out. Next on the list are the ornamental teapots. Again there are three variants and once again you will find that any three teapots will pay. The very same applies to the three jeweled rings. At the bottom of the list are the coins.

Take a guided tour through the deserted mine

The wild symbol is the top paying symbol and also stands in for any of the other symbols when you need it to complete a winning combination. When the wild fills in, it doubles the normal win.

By far the most fun symbol is the lantern. You need three on a payline to give you enough light to enter the mine below. Once you are in the underground grotto you will see on a wooden platform there are 13 closed treasure chests. For each set of three matching lamps you will get to click on one chest. Clicking it opens it up and a green ghoul pops out with some cash. Clicking continue sends you back to the reels to try your goblin luck.

Find your treasure now!

Loot the goblins cave courtesy of the goblins themselves. They have plenty of it and so much that they are now finally prepared to give you a share of it. Download the software to try on the crowns of the kings of old, different and skillful there is loads of fun down here.