Alice in Dreamland Slots

Alice in Dreamland Slots is a gorgeously crafted gambling game that brings to life the magical world of the famous character with superb animation, exceptional colors, neatly drawn characters and breath-takingly beautiful environment. The character of Alice itself is fully in motion as the blonde, blue eyed girl is smiling to the player. The maximum possible bet of the game is 240 dollars. It also provides a Mystery Jackpot, a wild, scatter and bonus symbols and an exceptional number of great bonus features, which will make your journey through the rabbit hole a tremendously profitable experience.

Symbols of Dreamland

The three main symbols of the game and the ones that are in possession of the most profitable effects are the wild White Rabbit, the scatter Crazy Hat and the bonus Alice symbol. The wild White Rabbit is capable of replacing the rest of the symbols in the game. The Rabbit is capable of appearing on the second and the fourth reels only. The symbols on Dreamland's paytable that are shown to be delivering fixed payouts are nine. All of them have three winning combinations from 3 to 5 symbols with the exception of the top paying Cat symbol, which pays 10 coins for 2 symbols, 60 coins for 3, 100 coins for 4 and 300 coins for 5. Next is the Caterpillar symbol, which provides the gambler with 50, 80 and 200 coins. The King symbol grants 40, 50 and 150 coins. The Queen symbol pays 30, 40 and 125. The Mouse delivers 15, 30 and 100. The Father's payouts are 80, 20 and 10. The Duchess symbol's combination grant 80, 15 and 10 coins. The Turtle delivers 5, 10 and 60 and the Frog has the same payout values. The wild, the scatter and the bonus symbols don't have payouts of their own but that doesn't mean they can't deliver equally big rewards, if not much bigger.

Alice's Countless Features

As countless and as profitable the game's symbols might me, nothing really boasts Alice in Dreamland Slots' appeal as much as it bonus features. They are many and there are financially spectacular. The first one is the so-called Spinning Wild Feature. It gets activated every time the wild symbol takes part in a winning combination. When that happens in the case of earnings made through the symbols Alice, Crazy Hat, Cat, Caterpillar, King and Queen will receive an upgrade in the form of a multiplier that can double or triple the payouts. If this feature starts throughout the free spins round, 10, 20 or 30 free spins will be awarded, depending on the multiplier. The free spins feature can be activated by receiving three of the scatter Crazy Hat symbols. This will lead to a reward of 10 free spins. If this feature starts in a bonus symbol-connected combination one of three additional bonus games will start and they are the Drink Me Bonus, the Mushroom Bonus and the Croquet Bonus.

The Spinning Wild Bonuses

The Drink Me bonus takes the player to a new screen where Alice will be holding out in her hands a bottle with the sign "DRINK ME" over it and a cake with the sign "EAT ME" over it. The player will have to select one of those and then an award will be given. After seeing how big it is, the player can choose to keep it or discard it and go for the second option. If the second option is chosen, the players can't take back the first, regardless of which one is bigger. The Mushroom Bonus has a screen which shows how Alice is picking mushrooms, already having one in her hand. There are five mushrooms in the grass underneath her. Every time a mushroom is chosen, Alice will grow more and the bonus will end when she stops growing them. Every picked mushroom provides awards. The Croquet Bonus's screen involves Alice playing croquet using a giant pink bird, grabbed by the legs as a mallet. Every time the ball goes through the card target the players will be given prizes. Five shooting attempts are given and the bonus ends when the target is missed.

Follow Alice in Dreamland and you will be rewarded not simply with a realm of eternal beauty but also with endless prizes, preceded by some of the most intriguing gambling thrills available in the gambling world today.