Gold Rally Slots

Themed around the gold rush days when you stake your claim and dig as deep as you can, it is a race to get to the gold first. And what we won’t do to stop someone else from taking claim to what is rightfully ours? Well when we are talking money, big money, perhaps nothing can stand in our way. This game has been structured differently to many slots out there. It looks like there are three reels when in fact each symbol spins independently of each other making this a stacked 9 reel slot. Gold Rally is most popular for its progressive jackpot which starting off at $75,000 and paying an average of over $700,000 it has also made seven instant millionaires to date. Keep your eye on the jackpot as it grows at the bottom of the reels. A percentage of each wager from each player contributes to this monstrous amount.

The graphics are comical to say the very least not to mention colorful and entertaining. Each of the symbols is a tool to be used to make sure that the hero gets the gold. The spinning of the reels is unlike anything, the symbols seem to flash inside holes in the mine wall.

Digging for gold is worth every bead of sweat

There are 8 paylines, easily identifiable as three across, three down and one in each diagonal direction. Each payline costs a single coin to play it and if you are looking for the progressive this is a must. You can only bet one coin with a fixed value of $2 so your spins are going to cost $16 a shot. A fair investment but the prize is by far worth every cent. One of the advantages to this slot is that you only need three symbols to complete a payline, making the chances of hitting frequent slightly smaller wins a possibility motivating you for the gold buried deep beneath the surface.

Dig it up, weigh it and cash it in

Come and weigh in your find with the scales. These are the scatter symbols in this game and besides paying scatter wins they pay no matter where on the lines they fall. A minimum of 5 will start paying out. To hit the progressive jackpot you need all 9 of these reels to contain the scales. That is worth its weight in gold. Falling short of 9 scales on the reels you do get a consolation prize for 8 scales equivalent to the second highest fixed payout.

There is also a fixed jackpot of $1,000 for getting three of the Gold Rally logos in a row. Other symbols like golden horse shoes, which when found are symbolic of good luck and good fortune. Use the pick axe to pick out small pieces of gold. Together they all add up. And make sure no one comes near your stash, take your revolver and use it if you have to. Down here we can take the law into our own hands!

Blow up the reels with the dynamite. All you need is a cluster in each of the four corners of your screen and you are given a chance to enter the bonus round.

With a map you surely have an advantage

The bonus round is simple. You need four packages of dynamite, one in each corner and the map of the mine is unrolled for you. There are several digging spots which have the best possibility of gold. You just need to be clear headed and choose the spots that have the likelihood of the most gold. Out of the 6 top spots you get to choose two. Dig up all the gold and the treasures from both spots are yours.

Get your shovel and grab the gold

It’s not too late to join the gold rush, just be sure to bring your pick axe, scale to weigh up your spoils and get your hands dirty. Download the software and feel the rush as you rally for the most hidden treasures.